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US coronavirus death toll approaches milestone of 500,000

US coronavirus death toll approaches milestone of 500,000

The US stood Sunday on the brink of 500,000 deaths because of COVID-19, just over a year after the country confirmed its first death due to the virus. The country is expected to reach the milestone on Monday. President Biden will mark the event with a moment of silence and a remark at sunset to honor those who lost their lives. The ceremony will also include candle-lighting at the White House.

Shane 3 months

Biden: "I will defeat covid." Also Biden: "Nothing we can do about it till Christmas" Also Biden: "We have a bold plan to administer 100 million vaccines in 100 days" even though Trump already reached the 1 million doses per day target What a phoney..

IvoryDove 3 months

Biden has totally screwed up the federal response to COVID-19.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 3 months

Biden has had 100,000 deaths in his first month after claiming trump bitched the response and he would defeat it. Notice how no media is blaming biden, whereas trump was responsible for every death

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 3 months

1/5th of those deaths have been under Biden. And I thought Trump was doing a bad job. From bad, to awful.

Tyler 3 months

1/22/20 - Trump “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China. It’s going to be just fine.” 2/10/20 - Trump “Looks like by April, you know in theory when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away.” 5/8/20 - Trump “This is going to go away without a vaccine. It is going to go away. We are not going to see it again.” You gotta love the optimism though! Unfortunately, it is hard to speak things into existence.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 months

Under 10% died of covid. The regular flu and pneumonia deaths are down over 90% have these miraculously been cured. Just like the guy with stage 4 lung cancer( pretty much a death sentence) gets covid well he must of died from covid. In Colorado a guy with a record 0.52 blood alcohol crashes his car dies oops he has covid let's mark it down as a covid death. This will go down in history as the biggest world wide scam in history. I can only imagine when a real pandemic hits how these idiots will react. Something like I 60% survival rate compared to a 99.95%

coughdrop1989 3 months

So with this logic since Trump was signal handily responsbile for every covid related death that means Biden is winning with over 100,000 deaths in just the first month of office. Congrats. Now doesnt that just sound stupid dems? Yet when its Trump its called facts. I dont even like Trump but those remarks are flat out ignorant.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 3 months

10/ 3/20 Biden: any President that lets 200,000 people die should not be the President.”.......... Looks like we are half way to the President Biden resignation party.

Jane 3 months

This is a lie, CDCadmits to never Isolating the CV 19 from the human body. Why are they testing for human cell line cancers A549, 293 and HeLa. Do your jobs are report the truth

Aaron 3 months

It's basically the flu right?

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 3 months

The blood of the dead since Creepy Joe took office is on his hands!!!

B 3 months

The actual covid death toll will never be known

wilhemena 3 months

milestone more properly termed as 'Boomer Removal' by Cuomo the Nursing Home slayer

B 3 months

Will we ever know anything that approaches the actual COVID death toll?

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 3 months

Look at them all, so young and healthy 🙄

David 3 months

How bout passing that stimulus?

Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo)
Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo) 3 months

Impeachment!!! Impeachment!!! This president has killed over 500k people under his administration.

Randall 3 months

Only in the USA has there been so much push back that we let this worldwide pandemic get so out of hand that the USA is number one, by a longshot, in infections AND deaths per capita! And now we're soon going to be number one in viral mutations too! Imagine how an alien looking at how Earth is handling this pandemic. He would probably see that one landmass in the middle of North America as a stinking sess pool.

FactCheckerNeil 3 months

--FACT CHECKING THREAD-- Now we have the vaccine the biggest problem is misinformation in my opinion. Fortunately new cases in the West have plummeted since the super spreader festivities in Nov/Dec. "CDCadmits to never Isolating the CV 19 from the human body." Here's CDC on how their using the SARS-CoV-2 virus after isolating it from the human body... You can even get them to send you some for free! if you're an institution Also Biden: "We have a bold plan to administer 100 million vaccines in 100 days" Yep "even though Trump already reached thel million doses per day target" According to this he just hit that target, it's gone up and down since...

Montgomery 3 months

How is it that Biden is worse on covid than trump. His whole election was based on how trump stuffed it up

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