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People with extremist views less able to do complex mental tasks: Study

People with extremist views less able to do complex mental tasks: Study

According to new research conducted by the University of Cambridge, people with extremist views tend to perform poorly on complex mental tasks. Researchers sought to evaluate if cognitive disposition sculpt ideological world-views such as political, nationalistic and dogmatic beliefs. Overall, researchers found that ideological attitudes mirrored cognitive decision-making.

Vark 1 weeks

I wonder how they tested "extremism" seeing as a lot of studies use conservatism meaning "more religious" and then use Arabic countries as "more conservative"

Ty 1 weeks

"The “psychological signature” for extremism across the board was a blend of conservative and dogmatic psychologies, the researchers said." Idk why y'all think this article is anti-left

Collin 1 weeks

I wonder is politicians are finally regretting not pushing schools to be better and give decent funding where it’s needed

Sergio 1 weeks

Sure they can, blowing up a building is not a simple mental task.

Invidious 1 weeks

Explains a lot about progressives and BLM.

RobotVoice 1 weeks

Cough proud boys cough antifa cough militias cough maga

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 1 weeks

Its hard to think constructively when you're a programmed culture bot

Radek Porczynski
Radek Porczynski 1 weeks

Why was a picture of Poles used?

nathan 1 weeks

This is news?

Gabriel 1 weeks

This sounds weirdly political. I think there are plenty of extremists that have well thought out ideas and plans and this news just seems far too good at saying “the extremist believing something different from me is an ...” .

Jon 1 weeks

The question is, were they stupid because extremist, or extremist because stupid?

Bernice 1 weeks

Looking forward to more research on this. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the end, they apply standardized testing again just to understand how people think and behave.

PappaOwl 1 weeks

Lots of no duh, but the bit about how livrals and conservatives respond to the speed test is interesting

Brutus 1 weeks

No wonder BLM/Antifa terrorists vote Democrat

Doladin 1 weeks

This sounds like propaganda. I will form my own thoughts on this.

Tom 1 weeks

So morons who followed blm then and thick as a brick

woodchuck 00
woodchuck 00 1 weeks

Not sure what they mean by not being able to do complex mental tasks? You have terrorists like the Unabomber, you may have been an extremist but he was also a college professor.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 1 weeks

No wonder communism never wins... its filled with a bunch of liberal leftist radicals

Greg King
Greg King 1 weeks

From reading this article, then reading the comments, it seems that most believe only those on the right are the targets of this article. Based on one attack, granted on the capitol building which was not good. Bear in mind there was at least one member from BLM and Antifa there,he was paid $70k for his videos where he tells people to burn it down. Next lets take a look at the lefts actions since Trump won the election, and during his entire term as president where a majority of the media and the democrats would not accept those results, tried to impeach him twice, and to this day the democrats are still obsessed with Trump which pretty fits exactly what this article points out, they cannot think of anything else except how to try and ruin one man that has already had his first amendment rights taken away. You are seeing how easy it is to take rights away from people simply because they do not have the same opinions as you, if they can silence him what makes you think they cannot silence you if you have the courage of Gina Carano to not bow the knee to the mob.

Justice Kazzy
Justice Kazzy 1 weeks

Oh God the comments are going to be a shitshow

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