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China wants US to make first move to thaw ties, gets snubbed

China wants US to make first move to thaw ties, gets snubbed

China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, called upon the US to reopen talks and junk former President Donald Trump’s policies. Wang said the US must cease meddling in China’s internal affairs, drop ’irrational suppression’ of China’s tech firms and lift its ’unreasonable’ sanctions. However, the US State Department said Wang’s comment showed China’s tendency to avert blame for its ’predatory’ practices.

Tom A
Tom A
World 2 months

Meanwhile a million people are being tortured and r@ped in 🇨''s interment camps, and Great Reset Puppet Zombie Ped0 Joe called this genocide " "difference in cultural nor"s".

GB Oz 2 months

Ha! Typical of the snapping turtle - full of hypocrisy, imperial land and country grabbing , ignoring the rest of the world , but wanting a one way street. Stop buying their junk especially from Amazon.

IvoryDove 2 months

500,000 American citizens are dead due to the fact that the Wuhan lab in China leaked a bioweapon and lied as they tried to contain it. That's more Americans than we lost in all of our wars other than the Civil War, and the death count is still rising.

Daniel 2 months

I don’t think Wang knows what the words “internal” or “irrational” mean

James 2 months

Well if China expects the US to make the first move to thaw ties, hopefully hell will freeze over.

Arthur 2 months

China stop making internal problems external problems Taiwan isn't China! Rid the world of the ccp's aggression! Eliminate the ccp!

tim 2 months

Biden sellout game is on its way

David 1 months

Never trust a person with the name “wang”. You’ll always be in for a surprise. (This isn’t a race joke, it’s a pener joke... I need more friends..)

Barry 2 months

Hmmm. I thought he was Beijing Biden? What happened?

Ironborn Pyke
Ironborn Pyke 2 months

Here comes the sellout speech. How "we" need to move on and blah blah blah...

Stefnir 2 months

Showing some spine are we?

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 2 months

And to think, DJ may have had a point after all?

GRANNI 1 months

Oh wake up America these the same Chinese govt ppl our military fought in Korea and Nam These govt ppl commit horror evil acts against ppls we shouldnt buy nothing from them or have ties with them till they change and stop their evil crimes

Donald 2 months

Just going to leave this here:

geckouni 1 months

Why would US only rely on one extreme right report to determine the facts? Probably it just want to make American feels good, facts don’t matter anymore from the white west.

Ashley Biden's Diary
Ashley Biden's Diary 2 months

Ashley Biden is married to a UN (🇨🇳) covid moonshot investor. Investigate him! Ashley wrote in her diary that she wants to divorce him but cannot...

Omega 2 months

I totally read this headline differently and thought to myself "who is keeping their ties in freezers? Have I been doing it wrong keeping them in my closet all these years?"

Boudica 2 months

I guess it's going to be a while before Hunter "divests"

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