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Facebook to restore Australia news pages soon after striking deal

Facebook to restore Australia news pages soon after striking deal

Australia’s treasurer said Facebook will restore news pages on the platform in the country after striking a deal for amendments to a proposed law that would force the tech giant to pay for media content. Canberra will offer four changes, including a change to the mechanism for final offer arbitration. Last week, Facebook had blocked all news content and several Australian government accounts.

Tom A
Tom A
Abraxas 6 days

If ya'll read the article you will see that Australia didn't cave at all. They just amended some details. At the end of the day Aus won because FB is going to be paying out more. If FB had won this battle there would be no chamges.

GB Oz 6 days

How abou that; FB realised Aussies would give them the finger and the rest of the world would follow - to legislate against them. Democracy and Governments run a country, not big tech. Besides; who in their right mind would use FB as a news source when it’s driven by algorithms and then they decide what we see.

Dave 6 days

And there it is, Facebook is now dictating law.

AntiBS 6 days

The only ones s t u p i d enough to go to Facecrap for news are Democrat voters.

Corey Worthington
Corey Worthington 6 days

Havent missed the 'news' at all. If I want to quote an article to make a point I screenshot and share..

Archaeologistic 6 days

Don't use social media for your news sources.

World 6 days

Destroy DarpaBook

tim 6 days

Making deals with terrorists

jen 6 days

Just get off Facebook. Get your news elsewhere. Talk to people irl.

Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo)
Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo) 6 days

Yay! Australia can now access local fake news on Facebook.

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 6 days

Aww, Australia caved.

Phoenix 5 days

Delete Facebook. MeWe is much better than Facebook anyway.

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