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Hillary Clinton to write thriller with Canadian author Louise Penny

Hillary Clinton to write thriller with Canadian author Louise Penny

Hillary Clinton, former secretary of state, will join hands with Canadian novelist Louise Penny to write a political thriller. Clinton and Penny are friends. Clinton’s publisher, Simon & Schuster, and Penny’s, St Martin’s Press, will jointly release the book – ’State of Terror’ – on October 12. The action-packed book is themed on a novice secretary of state working to solve terrorist attacks.

IvoryDove 2 months

Lemme guess... A presidential attorney commits suicide in his office and essentially makes it a crime scene that would allow investigators to access his files, computer, etc... So a covert team of intelligence operatives transfer the body to Ft. Marcy park, stage the suicide there, and clean up all of the evidence?

Tulsi Gabbard for Pres 🙏
Tulsi Gabbard for Pres 🙏 2 months


Star 1 months

Will it include how she sold Russia uranium or how her husband sold our ports or the suspense of how many blow jobs her husband had looking forward to more of her lies

Trevelyn 1 months

I bet it's about a hitman who secretly works for a want to be president .I bet that book will be a interesting read .I will wait for it to sell in a flea market for a nickel .

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 1 months

She has enough material for a whole series of books!

CoLpOeSnED 1 months

Let me guess, the Russians did it

Ashley Biden's Diary
Ashley Biden's Diary 2 months

Ew no thanks Killary

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 1 months

Another book on my banned book list. It takes all iDi ot to ruin a nation is more like it.

KeybladeMasterAndy 2 months

20 bucks says Louise does all the work

kristin 1 months

She will do absolutely anything to seem relevant and in the public eye

GB Oz 1 months

Exaggerated fiction, full of lies, mistruths, with a vindictive nasty slant. Written by a self absorbed individual.

ttocsick 1 months


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