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Elderly protester shoved to ground by policemen sues Buffalo mayor and city

Elderly protester shoved to ground by policemen sues Buffalo mayor and city

Martin Gugino, who was shoved to the ground by officers while he was taking part in a protest against George Floyd’s death, has sued Buffalo city and its mayor. This comes after criminal charges against the cops involved were dropped. Gugino, 75, accused the city violated his rights by enacting an ’unconstitutional and draconian’ curfew that was ’selectively enforced against peaceful protesters.’

karl 3 months

The sad thing is trumpublicans think this was "staged like sandy hook." Absolutely despicable I hope he gets justice.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 3 months

Oh, you mean the staged confrontation he's got a history of? I'd be surprised he didn't sue. Do some research and learn something for a change.

Rocket 3 months

That senior citizen ANTIFA PUNK filing this suit is nothing but a PATHETIC old SCUMBAG!

GRANNI 3 months

Shouldnt American ppl see why this man was "shoved"..... Frankly why were they demostrating over Mr Floyd who had tried to committ a crime and was being arrested .... i myself along with many millions of Americans are disgusted and shocked over ppl glorifying criminals . That man was being arrested now i dont condone some police tactics bad ppl have to be removed from law enforcement positions all govt positions also most such glorified criminals are on drugs and drunk The law is a terrior to those who break it. God said that i agree. other ppl on that street who were obeying the law werent even bothered by officers Why dont BLMs glorify good citizens not criminals !!!!

mister 3 months

if you're frail and weak, just stay home...

Robert_Clearwater 3 months

Footage of event

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