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DoJ revives investigation into George Floyd death, calls new witnesses

DoJ revives investigation into George Floyd death, calls new witnesses

Several witnesses have been subpoenaed, with the witnesses being required to appear before a federal grand jury considering charges against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. The federal civil rights investigation of the DoJ has been focused on Chauvin and some of the witnesses, including other officers who worked with Chauvin. Jury selection begins in Chauvin’s state case on March 8

Tom A
Tom A
Glen 1 months

Another case of police being prosecuted by the mainstream media for doing their jobs. Maybe criminals shouldn't resist, In this case it caused the man his life.

Dead 1 months

So what happed to Double Jeopardy?

Trevelyn 1 months

The DOJ has turned intO JOKE .They are used as a political weapon against PRO AMERICANS .

Shawn 1 months

This guy was a dang loser. Why is he still in the media? We are coming to a time where we are going to have to rely solely on our ability to defend ourselves. As Congress has officially pandered to thugs and citizens of no intellectual value or work force benefit. Scum that walk the streets, with zero skills or goals, are literally stealing our future. We have allowed an environment in which the worst of our citizens, somehow, have the voice most heard. It's coming people. The government is going to take from those of us who work for next to nothing and give to those who wont work at all. Imagine.... 18 year old kids with guns, in government issued camouflage, coming into your house to take your things to give to people who would have done the exact same thing, without the government's permission. This is something I never thought of see, or be repulsed by. We live in an age where acting like a decent and sovereign citizen will be cause for punishment. Congratulations America. You have successfully destroyed the very fiber the silent citizens have woven the fabric of this country.

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