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Cuomo’s ex-aide says he kissed her without consent, made lewd overtures

Cuomo’s ex-aide says he kissed her without consent, made lewd overtures

Lindsey Boylan, who served as a special adviser to New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, revealed details of the alleged sexual harassment she faced from him. Boylan, who had earlier accused Cuomo of sexual harassment, said Cuomo once kissed her on the lips without consent after a private meeting in 2018. She also said the New York governor asked her to play strip poker on a flight in 2017.

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

Wow the democratic party dropped him like a hot potato. It seems like the media has created a cycle of hating on someone. First Trump for four solid years, now the gristly skeleton of Cuomo's political career, and soon the machine will grow hungry. Who is next?

John W
John W 1 months

Nice distraction from the mass murder. Massive destraction champaign.

Leonard 1 months

There was a time when murderers like Cuomo were put in front of the firing squad. Speaking of firing squads... Have you tried to buy ammo lately? They can't keep it on the shelves. I bought stock in ammunition manufacturers a while back and have been making a killing. Up up up, there seems to be no end. Check out VSTO and POWW. There's not a better investment right now.

Shane 1 months

As usual, the timing of these sexual assault allegations after the recent news about Cuomo raises a lot of suspicion that this is all political. This is what you get when you create a culture that encourages people to step forward and announce allegations in the public sphere without proper evidence, and then side always with the presumed victim. It's become a weapon which can be swiftly aimed at anyone to tarnish them or draw attention away from another issue. The pendulum can and always does swing, remember that. Before people berate me, I'm not saying that all allegations are used in this manner. But a significant portion of those that are brought into the public space (which is by nature a forum for targeting reputation) are false or greatly over-exaggerated, and used for political purposes. It's disgusting.

Miranda 1 months

Can we all stop being partisan about these things and just accept that a *lot* of politicians are predators/creeps so we can finally do something about it? Wether they’re a democrat, independent or republican a predator is a predator and they don’t deserve a place in office

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 1 months

Very creepy story. He targeted her like an animal. She's married, but that didn't stop him.

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 1 months

I wonder why the Cuomo Brothers have so many relationship and marital issues throughout their lives. They're abusive predators.

Rick 1 months

Can’t believe Neo-Liberals are such hypocrites how the heck do they not believe the aid but will do a bias towards trump with his allegations. Just because he’s a democrats doesn’t mean he should get special treatment and let everyone dunk on that poor girl

David 1 months

I hate cuomo. But can we agree that allegations should be kept confidential until proven guilty?

Dragon's Roar
Dragon's Roar 1 months

Cuomo should I long been dropped, how many died due to him putting covid-19 patients in nursing homea with the most vulnerable. But they ignored it until he was no longer useful.

geckouni 1 months

Is she the only one? trump has lots of women came out and said a lot worse, not sure if anyone really care, it is kind of american’s thing.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 months

Great! Now I've got a mental picture of an old, wrinkled, naked Cuomo in my head. Anybody know a good therapist?

IvoryDove 1 months

The Democrats are always projecting their own flaws and failures on others... But eventually it comes out.

Hypnotica 1 months

#BelieveAllWomen, right lefties?

Rafael 1 months

Republicans need to look at their own disfunction before they talk about democrats.

Rafael 1 months

Hey Leonard come on you know who the real mass murderer is.

Rafael 1 months

The same can be said about the trump family.

Faittastic 1 months

The media, no other words needed

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 1 months

As much as I don't like Cuomo I want to see facts and evidence backing up these accusations.

Rocket 1 months

Cuomo 🤡💩 is nothing but a CORRUPT DEMOCRAP COMMUNIS& & MASS MURDERER! Prosecute that SCUMBAG and sentence him to the Electric Chair or Firing Squad!!!

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