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US jobless claims fall to 730,000, lowest since November

US jobless claims fall to 730,000, lowest since November

Around 730,000 American workers filed for unemployment benefits in the week that ended on February 20, the US Department of Labor said. It is a drop of 111,000 from the previous week. This is the lowest number of first-time unemployment since late November. Meanwhile, another 451,000 people applied for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, which is a federal program for self-employed and gig workers.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 1 months

Is it because more people are working or because fewer people are making claims? Not the same thing.

Hannibal 1 months

Sorry, but I've seen this movie before. We saw a never-ending stream of puff pieces saying all is well and that the compassionate, competent government will save us back when Obama was president. At best, governments can get out if the way so the private sector can recover. Note that the real economy (not merely the stock market) didn't start seeing real recovery until the GOP retook Congress in 2010 and neither party got anything meaningful done. But you can bet your bottom we'll continue to see quantitative easing steroid the economy to goose the market and make the rich richer.

Seekster 1 months

If Biden has any sense he won't touch Trump's economy other to reopen it. Just let it be amazing and take all the credit if you want but please don't kill the economy in some leftist crusade for climate change or something.

Papa Joe
Papa Joe 1 months

Depends on how you look at it. The drop was over a 100,000 but over 400,000 applied for the covid relief unemployment. That's an increase up to and over a million.

trevor pierce
trevor pierce 1 months

This is because people are out of unemployment eligibility.....cant sign up after you already use what is allocated

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