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Rochester cops involved in Daniel Prude’s death won’t face charges

Rochester cops involved in Daniel Prude’s death won’t face charges

A New York grand jury voted not to charge the Rochester policemen who were involved in Daniel Prude’s death last March. In a police video, Prude, a 41-year-old black man, was seen pinned naked and handcuffed on a street until he stopped breathing. His death sparked protests. Reacting to the decision, NY attorney general, Letitia James, said ’the criminal justice system is badly in need of reform.’

Unknown 1 months

So demonstrators are saying the suspect was suffering from a mental health crisis. Reading the report we see that he was released from the hospital after making suicidal statements the same day as the incident with police. Should some of the blame not be on the physican that signed for him to be released. Everyone is calling for more officer training when it comes to mental health crisis, but with hospitals failing how can we expect officers to do their job properly without the support from resources?

Jackson 1 months

If we defunded the police, we could have sent social workers to deal with a mentally ill man, not armed personnel.

wilhemena 1 months


Star 1 months

Why didnt his family get him help for his mental illness

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