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Capitol rioter’s ex-girlfriend turns him in

Capitol rioter’s ex-girlfriend turns him in

Richard Michetti, a resident of Pennsylvania was charged in last month’s Capitol siege after his ex-girlfriend provided the FBI with text messages and videos that he sent while participating in the insurrection. Michetti faces charges of illegally entering Capitol grounds and obstruction of Congress. He allegedly detailed what was happening during the protest-turned-riot in a slew of text messages

Tom A
Tom A
jamie 1 months

Pretty funny story. Small correction and it’s one that keeps having to be WAS NOT an insurrection

Glen 1 months

The press can say Moron, but in this comment section, you can't. Why

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

Smells more like Nazi Germany everyday. Antifa blm are the brown shirts, book burning is the social media censorship of anything not state run talking points, coming for guns next so PATRIOTS can defend themselves, stolen elections, but muh orange man is Hitler. They always project what they really are. Having neighbors rat you out.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 months

Good work on turning in domestic terrorists. They don't belong on these streets.

Miranda 1 months

The real question is why would he intentionally piss off someone who has the ability to turn him in? I mean I don’t expect them to be smart but still...

Glen 1 months

Obviously she was a moron. He was totally in the right. The election was stolen by the liberials, and the fact they won't investigate voter fraud, 75 million believe it was. Americans want free elections, without the steal. Why not look into it? What are the Demacrats scared of?

FactCheckerNeil 1 months

Is moron a really nasty word in America? (It is blocked by NV bots) or does anyone else think she went a little over the top? 😄

Tiggs 1 months

Richards punishment should be to re-take civics class and he's not allowed to graduate until he has got an A.

Tyler 1 months

“These Hoez ain’t loyal”

Somebody 1 months

Oh man, i found this so hilarious.😂😂

James 1 months

The term "stoolie" comes to mind...

Glen 1 months

If people don't believe in election fraud. Then investigate it. Americans deserve the truth.

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