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Kids toy Mr Potato Head gets new, gender-neutral name

Kids toy Mr Potato Head gets new, gender-neutral name

Toymaker Hasbro has given a new gender-neutral name to its classic children’s toy Mr Potato. Now, it will be just called Potato after dropping the ’Mr’ title. Hasbro said Mr Potato Head needed a modern makeover. The toy’s new name will start appearing on boxes from 2022. The move triggered reactions on social media. Some welcomed the change while some called it dumb to gender-label a vegetable.

level100firemage 1 months

Honestly, this isn't news worthy. It's a plastic potato you add facial features and accessories onto.

coughdrop1989 1 months

Excuse me? Their was a mrs potato head too. I dont sunderstand why woman are allowing all of their progress be destroyed by some chix with dix

Vark 1 months

Imagine having such a fragile ego and identity that a potato being a male and having a wife potato is enough to "erase you."

ryan 1 months

I still feel like this is not respecting Yams and Sweet Potatoes.

kenric50 1 months

Who wants to take a bet on a massive scandal coming out agaist Hasbro soon? This seems like a perfect distraction from a real issue to me. A story like "Hasbro discovered using Cambodian child slaves to make toys" would never drum up as much social media buzz as "Hasbro panders to tiny minority with meaningless gesture"

BarianKing 1 months

They’ve had those for years... I’ve seen them in farmers markets and grocery stores all the time...

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 1 months

Ok Hasbro. Lose the lipstick, the makeup, mustaches, etc. If your going gender neutral, don't stop know. No more accessories!

Mar10 1 months

🤣🤣🤣🤣 in the middle of a freaking pandemic and 'hat's what really matters now. Yeah makes sense.

Dave 1 months

I thought gender was a social construct. So Mr Potato head can be whatever the child wants them to be, women can be Mr too! What a bunch of bigots!

Kyle 1 months

What the hell is toy story guna do?

Jason 1 months

If this is all it takes to keep the children from canceling important members of society then bravo, good move.

Tristan Elstrom
Tristan Elstrom 1 months

To all of you trying to cope with this "apocalypse" and "male genocide," just remember that this is capitalism. Hasbro is not a leftist business. This is what you wanted. The free market 🕶️

wilhemena 1 months

hmm... i have heard a lot of names for it, but 'potato head' isn't the first moniker to come to mind

disipointed 1 months

this is one of the most cringe worthy cultural-war bait I've ever seen. If you're legitimately angry at this you should probably turn off the computer. there are real problems out there

pocketerthanotterwetet 1 months


David 1 months

Why!?!?!? There was a Mr. and Mrs. Potato, and now it's Potato head amd Mrs. Potato head? Why are men being treated like we don't have a place.

Brian 1 months

Can we get any more stupid

Cían 1 months

Oh wow 😱😱 transphobia BTFO

Lora 1 months

Potatoes are yummy I prefer instant myself! UNless of course I have a great paring knife! Cool 😎

Silver 1 months

Lame move

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