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Dems want commission focused on Capitol mob attack: Pelosi

Dems want commission focused on Capitol mob attack: Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi said that the Democrats will fight to keep the focus of the Jan. 6 investigative commission on the topic of the attack on the Capitol that day. Leaders from the GOP have inclined that they are keen on expanding the scope of the investigation to include cases of political violence, including scattered episodes of rioting that accompanied the national protests against police brutality.

Tom A
Tom A
Glen 1 months

Funny how politicians want justice when they thought they were endanger, but for eight months, when rioters were destroying our businesses and neighborhoods, they didn't seem to give a dam.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 months

Doug....he's blaming Trump now so I expect his charges to be dropped and him getting a book deal.

Robo 1 months

Make politicians afraid again. We need another one of those insurrections daily.

Adam W
Adam W 1 months

Corrupt Dems requesting a corrupt investigation, with a favorable investigator who wont implicate them of course!

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 months

Let the insurrectionist shaman testify! Offering him whatever special foods he asks for. Offer him a lighter prison sentence if he testifies.

Star 1 months

Sorry palosie no one cares what you think say or do

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