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Chinese American civil rights group assails critical race theory as ’hateful’

Chinese American civil rights group assails critical race theory as ’hateful’

The New York chapter of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance denounced the critical race theory in very strong words as real racism. In a fiery statement, the CACA of Greater New York said the CRT has entered workplaces and educational institutions under the guise of ’anti-racism and diversity, equity and inclusion’ when it is in fact ’racist, repressive, discriminatory and divisive.’

weirdobot 1 months

I love this. Maybe the world can finally learn that the white leftists who claim to know what PoCs want, and who claim to help them, in truth have no idea what they're talking about.

bobby_5150 1 months

How dīsgrācēfūl. How dare the Chinese-Americans turn on their white saviors.

Matt 1 months

Because it is hateful. It's racist and sexist, and it's a weapon used by universities to indoctrinate students into being racist and sexist, but saying that it's not so. Confucius say "wokeness is bad, m'kay?". If you were offended by that, consider that you're the problem. I've never denigrated a person because of identity, but those super focused on Leftist ideology tell me I'm guilty because of my identity. Lol. F that. Every day F that.

Viviko 1 months

Well it’s kind of true. Essentially society decided the best way to combat racism is to be racist the other way.

Hypnotica 1 months

Where is the usual clown car full of left wingers at? I dont see them in this comment section yet. Too scared to refute these claims? Too scared you'll be called a racist if you do? 🤔🤔🤔

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 months

Good! Literally no one I know, blood family and friends, thinks critical race theory is good. It seems to be far leftists who have some white guilt or are unable to think for themselves. It's just funny that when ever I meet some one who disagrees with me, they are white. Im sure there are people of color who thinks it's good (they would be wrong) but I have yet to personally meet them In my life.

Rocket 1 months

The irony of 'Critical Race' propaganda is apparently only seen by those that are NOT RACISTS! The stupidity of SHEEPLE🤡💩 that go along with this GARBAGE💩is astounding! 🤦

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

They point out the evil " baizou ". I love Asians they usually are so based unless they are pro communist then they can GTFO.

Seekster 1 months

Well its about time someone outside of the right called out critical race theory as openly racist.

Montgomery 1 months

Obviously a bunch of neo nazi white nationalists pretending to be Asian... How dare they pretend to be minorities going against what we clearly told them to think!! They must all be sent to the education camps #LoveWins

Milkshake 1 months

The French leftist intellectuals proclaimed that the American Critical Race Theory is too cancer even for the French; now the Chinese join; then there's a myriad of Latinos who feel so patronized by it they switched to voting Trump this election by a staggering number; and there's also African-American men switching to Trump which shouldn't be happening yet did happen because Critical Race Theory, or Karenism for short, has infuriated them to no ends. Interesting fun things happening over there.

chris 1 months

Thats because it is, and racist as well.

MrVairhein 1 months

Preach, my chinese american brothers and sisters! Preach!

nacho 1 months

Their main concern is with higher education admission policies.

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 months

Awesome! Good going, guys!

Julian 1 months

Leftists won’t know what to say now. They can’t use their “u iz rasiste” card in a situation like this

Miranda 1 months

God the irony here. The entire point of critical race theory is to examine how law and cultural norms/practices are impacted by race. It isn’t complicated and it certainly isn’t racist- it exists to recognize that racism exists so that we can combat it

Glen 1 months

Another attempt by the media to try and divide Americans. The American media is the biggest racist organization in the world. Their the ones who should be held accountable.

Ryan 1 months

Thank you !

WJ MacKENZIE 1 months

They... are not wrong.

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