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Pelosi accidentally calls Sen. Ron Johnson ’Don Johnson’ of Miami Vice

Pelosi accidentally calls Sen. Ron Johnson ’Don Johnson’ of Miami Vice

House Speaker Pelosi, on Thursday, mistakenly referred to Sen. Ron Johnson as ’Don Johnson’, an actor from the 1980s television series Miami Vice. ’Don Johnson, was his first name Don? What is it Ron?,’ Pelosi asked reporters, slamming the Wisconsin Republican for ’taking the lead’ in the GOP’s response to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Pelosi proceeded to chuckle while correcting herself.

Aleks 1 months

Nancy is an amazing woman, you wish you had an ounce of the balls this lady has. She owned your silly little Trump baitch

wilhemena 1 months

wow! now there is some professional journalism!

Star 1 months

Shes to darn old and grouchy to have that seat shes mean

Patty 1 months

Demented old crow

Papa Joe
Papa Joe 1 months

I can see Pelosi and Biden speaking incoherently to each other trying to remember where they are.

JimboSlice 1 months


James 1 months

Old age setting in. Time for her to spend her days in a rocking chair on the back porch talking to herself.

Paraffin 1 months

The single least concerning story you could run about Pelosi

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

Scotch for breakfast dose that sometimes.

MyNameIsPhip 1 months

Would have laughed if she actually called him Ron Swanson

MrLoseddos 1 months

It's funny, but it's not news.

tim 1 months

She lost it.

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