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Slum dwellers misled into participating in COVID vaccine trials

Slum dwellers misled into participating in COVID vaccine trials

Controversy has erupted after dozens of slum dwellers in the Indian city of Bhopal claim to have been duped into taking the COVID-19 vaccine. Local activists allege that the group hadn’t been given an approved vaccine and had unwittingly taken part in a clinical trial for India’s homegrown vaccine, Covaxin. ’Come and take the coronavirus vaccine and get 750 rupees ($10),’ the group was told.

Individual > collective
Individual > collective 1 months

Even better, the companies who developed/rushed out the covid vaccine are being held to a special legal standard that exempts them from any consequences (unforeseen or otherwise) that they cause... Basically the exact opposite of how the current medical system works

Jithin 1 months

Another piece doing India bashing without any of the relevant facts.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 1 months

People do questionable things if they get hungry and want to survive.

Randall 1 months

What the phuq is a "Slum Dweller"?

tim 1 months

It’s been the way it’s been for generations. Read the history of big farma and US government

Srinivas 1 months

I have a doubt on the efficacy of the news!! Isn't it the case for all vaccine trials? Who are we kidding here! How many of the other trials can claim otherwise?

Jack K
Jack K 1 months

Human rights abuse

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