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Prince Harry defends Netflix’s ’The Crown,’ calls British press ’toxic’

Prince Harry defends Netflix’s ’The Crown,’ calls British press ’toxic’

In an interview with James Corden, Prince Harry talked about his past and current life. He said the Netflix miniseries ’The Crown’ was ’fictional but largely based on truth.’ He said he ’didn’t walk away’ from the royal family. He said, ’It was stepping back rather than stepping down.’ He said the ’toxic’ British press created a ’difficult environment’ that was ’destroying’ his mental health.

Vark 1 months

Democrats told Me the media are all heroes and always 100% true and If you think they're toxic or yellow-journalism then you're just a white supwemasihst

Tom 1 months

Something else his wife has told him after all he can't think for himself anymore he is just her mouthpiece and after all she keeps his balls in a bag because he doesn't have any anymore The guy simply cunt struck

Tiggs 1 months

Why he thinks he will get a better deal in the States I don't know, because from my observations its Murdoch that's been Harry's problem, Murdoch and the tory-boy leadership in the UK the last 10+ years. Boris and the ERG are a particularly nasty privileged type of racist.

Jack 1 months

Jutes and Anglo-Saxons aren’t the rulers of the pictish, scot, and briton lands. Merely the most closest and bolsterous bastard ancestors of William the Conqueror.

GB Oz 1 months

Of course he would; he is employed by them (Netflix). Harry has lost all morality, scruples and definitely NOT altruistic.

riheg 1 months

Amen. I’m a journalist and I despise most of my colleagues. Horrible arrogant people mostly, with giant egoes and totally biased and blind to this.

geckouni 1 months

Diana was drove to death by UK media.

GB Oz 1 months

Ha. Have fun America, with these two hypocrites, money hungry, fame hungry, backstabbing woke nutters. Their life of service is to fatten their pockets, nothing more. They certainly are NOT altruistic.

IIzard 1 months

You're correct, but you're still a sellout

Indo 1 months

Sorry Brits its much more than just that which is really nastily toxic. Your brainz need rewiring

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

Soyboy loser.

David 1 months

The media in the U.K. are largely right wing

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 1 months

Worst family in the world. Including Harry.

Morbo 1 months

Not a fan of royal family but he's right the press is toxic.

Dave 1 months

Well he's not wrong. All mainstream press is toxic at the minute it seems. The BBC being one of the worst.

James 1 months

Mr & Mrs " We don't want media attention" clearly cannot live with out it.

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