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Carbon-cutting pledges by countries nowhere near enough: UN

Carbon-cutting pledges by countries nowhere near enough: UN

According to a new report by the United Nations, the pledges that have been made by countries in order to cut the greenhouse gas emissions are falling very short of what is needed by the countries to limit global warming. Nations are being told by the climate chief of UN to go back and try harder. The December 31 deadline for submission of their targets was missed by most countries.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

The UN is a pure evil entity. Really look into these sick monsters. Agenda 2030, The Great Reset, Once I see blue helmets on US soil it will be lock and load time.

Rocky 1 months

It's almost like there isn't a human interaction that would produce a large enough effect on the climate.🤔 I''s almost like there is no evidence for anthropologenic climate change. https///arxiv.or//ab//1907.00165

Seekster 1 months

It will never be enough.

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