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Calls for South Dakota AG’s impeachment rise amid investigation

Calls for South Dakota AG’s impeachment rise amid investigation

Three South Dakota law enforcement groups on Friday joined the call for AG Jason Ravnsborg to resign. Ravnsborg has been charged with three misdemeanors in the Sept 2020 crash that killed a man. The groups, on Friday, released a statement saying Ravnsborg’s involvement in the death of Joseph Boever has ’resulted in a lack of confidence in his ability to effectively carry out his duties.’

my opinion may offend you
my opinion may offend you 1 months

Why is manslaughter not one of the charges. Or leaving the scene of an accident?

James 1 months

I couldn't find the body while I was drunk k, but the next day I knew just where to look. Strait out of ateddy's play book.

M. Schlegel
M. Schlegel 1 months

So IF what the AG says was true and he thought he struck a deer and couldn’t find anything searching with his cellphone light, that would be a bad accident but just an accident nonetheless. The FACTS however highly suggest, that this story can’t be true. That he must have known what happened and fled the crime scene. And that makes it even more impeachment worthy because he also lied about it.

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