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Australia’s most elite private school rocked by sex scandals

Australia’s most elite private school rocked by sex scandals

Private schools in Queensland and Victoria have been hit by a scandal involving disturbing stories of sexual assault claims. More than 3000 testimonies have now been collected from students and former students of these schools, which includes Brisbane Boys College, one of the most elite schools. Accounts of abuse by girl students include alleged rape and sexual assault from male students.

Alex 1 months

Surprises me that they just blame it on bad education, while it's obviously a lack of moral compass. We learn early on in life about the difference between right and wrong, and the meaning of yes and no. The students involved in these cases knew what they were doing, and didn't care.

Kreptox 1 months

The existence of elite private schools alone is a scandal.

Miranda 1 months

I hate that they call it a scandal. A sex scandal would be cheating on a spouse, giving someone an STD etc. Rape is on a whole other level of severity

GB Oz 1 months

This is not just about education- they have all been raised with a ‘you can have what you want’ attitude by their wealthy parents. Nearly all cases; is because of poor parenting.

Randy 1 months

"accounts of abuse by girl students" Clear as mud.

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