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Ron Wyden unveils ’Plan B’ for $15 minimum wage

Ron Wyden unveils ’Plan B’ for $15 minimum wage

Ron Wyden, the Senate Finance Committee Chairman said that Democrats have a ’Plan B’ in place to raise the minimum wage. A workaround solution has been proposed as per which a 5% tax penalty would be imposed on large corporations if any of their workers earn less than a certain amount. This would ensure that large companies would have a significant financial incentive to raise wages.

Tom A
Tom A
Got Truth
Got Truth 1 months

Or this will be incentive for large companies to layoff a percentage of their staff and make the remaining staff work harder to earn their wage increase.

Jonny 1 months

Ron wide-on 🤣

mike 1 months

Dont need to raise the minimum wage, just get rid of it

Julian 1 months

Hmm, I wonder why some giant corporations are in favor of a high minimum wage? 🤔🤔

Jon 1 months

Dumb. Just ignore the parliamentarian and pass the bill already. Nothing in the constitution says parliamentarian has any power over any legislation, the concept is not even in the constitution. So if you are an originalist defend this to me.

Nunya 1 months

Instead of focusing on a minimum wage, we should be advocating for a maximum wage for politicians. I say $20/hr ought to do it. Then we'll see how many dirtbags make politics a career choice.

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