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Louisiana police officer killed during a high school basketball game

Louisiana police officer killed during a high school basketball game

A law enforcement officer was shot and killed in New Orleans on Friday night. The slain officer, identified as Martinus Mitchum, was trying to escort the suspect away from a high school basketball game. The officer was working as a security officer for the game. The suspect had been arguing with a school employee and the law enforcement officer attempted to intervene.

coughdrop1989 1 months

Everyone wonders why cops usually take extra precausions and why people sometimes end up getting killed. Because they never know the criminals intent either. 80 million police contacts on average per year with roughly 1,000 deaths which results in a 0.0000125 death rate. Cops are not the boogey man that the media and some people from a certain aisle would have you believe.

Dave 1 months

I like to think this means the cop sacrificed himself to save that person at the school who was in an argument with a murderer.

R D 1 months

Since the article says "the suspect" im going to assume the suspect is not white.

IvoryDove 1 months

BLM (Whadda we want? DEAD COPS!) was unavailable for comment.

Barry 1 months

Rest in peace

mister 1 months

they should have just sent a social worker instead...

Pillow 1 months

Stop giving these people guns. Please. 😶

Patty 1 months

AND they were all white

Indo 1 months

You still love guns more than life.

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