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Facebook makes one of the largest settlement deals of $650M over privacy lawsuit

Facebook makes one of the largest settlement deals of $650M over privacy lawsuit

Facebook was faced with a privacy lawsuit in 2015 for ’allegedly using photo face-tagging and other biometric data without the permission of its users.’ Post the lawsuit, Facebook had changed its face-tagging system. US district judge, James Donato approved a $650M settlement deal, calling it ’one of the largest settlements ever for a privacy violation.’

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 months

Any company that settled to the tune if $650M is too big and makes too many big mistakes. I can't wait for Facebook to go the way of MySpace.

Jim 1 months

They need to pay more than that. It’s insane that they consistently do things like this and keep going on as if nothing happened

TexasReb 1 months

"Allegedly"???? No company would "Settle" for that kind of money, even one the size of FarceBook, without guilt and fear of a larger loss in a trial.

Samaritan 1 months

“Well, you’ve committed a massive breach of trust and user privacy, so we’re going to inflict a punishment that does about as much damage as shooting a foam dart at a Boulder”

FREDERICK 1 months

Perhaps someone should sue the Chinese Communist Party for unauthorised use of facial images for facial recognition purposes.

AbsentSal 1 months

So are users getting payed?

GB Oz 1 months

This is a good start. FB won’t have any money left or much of a platform by years end

Phoenix 1 months

Delete Facebook.

Trevelyn 1 months

What do you expect ? They want to strip you off free speech why not privacy .

Dagelf 1 months

Sure, punish them for sharing what they built for the NSA. Do you really think a little university project would be global without a force like that behind it?! Settlement and apologies should come from the US government... Even if they felt they did something good for the world.

Dagelf 1 months

The settlement - and an apology - should come from the US Government, even if they feel they did something good. FB merely shared what they built for "national security" anyways. If they didn't "try to be nice by sharing" we would be none the wiser.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 months

It will my guess, be reversed on appeal.

Julian 1 months

Bigger fine next time please

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