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Kansas: 3 police officers injured by shotgun in vacant home

Kansas: 3 police officers injured by shotgun in vacant home

Authorities in Kansas reported that three police officers were injured by a shotgun blast when they checked out a vacant home. Wichita Police said ’a modified, loaded shotgun’ discharged as the officers entered the home. Two of the officers remained hospitalized with injuries that were not life threatening, while the third was in serious but stable condition.

Tom A
Tom A
Robert_Clearwater 1 months

Ok so if you have your house booby trapped, if you've spent hours rigging up a shotgun to discharge itself when someone opens a door, how do you simply forget that? This man supposedly called the police because he thought his house was broken into. I'm not angry at the shotgun being rigged, I'm angry that someone was careless or $tupid enough to keep it a secret.

Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 1 months

It is illegal in most states to set booby traps..even in your own home since they are indiscriminate weapons as this case proves. 100% guaranteed that the homeowner will be charged and convicted of some felony.

Jordan 1 months

I guess guns do kill people by themselfs lmfao jk jk go second amendment all the way. P.s. dont leave guns laying around loaded kids and cops aparently hurt themselfs.

Fair Witness
Fair Witness 1 months

Somebody plays too much Skyrim...

Randall 1 months

Perhaps the homeowner set the trap and then called the cops to trip it.

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