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Bill Cassidy warns it’s dangerous for GOP to ’idolize’ Trump

Bill Cassidy warns it’s dangerous for GOP to ’idolize’ Trump

Sen. Bill Cassidy warned on Sunday that the GOP’s continued embrace of ex-President Trump would cost Republicans elections up and down the ballot in the coming years. ’Over the last four years, we have lost the House, the Senate and the presidency,’ Cassidy said. ’If we idolize one person, we will lose. And that’s kind of clear from the last election,’ he stressed.

StanTheMan42069 1 months

Maybe if more republicans had a spine, we wouldn't have to rely on Trump to get the job done.

Glen 1 months

This article is pure histeria. Another example of Demacrats trying to pass the buck. They never take responsibility for their own failures. Maybe if they would have done their jobs the last four years, instead of trying to falsely impeach a President. Maybe, just maybe they could of prevented this behavior, but blaming Trump is just plain insanity.

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 1 months

Donald Trump was an avvful President, a t3rribl3 husband, a w3ird father, a shady businessmen, and a p3rv3rt. But nothing he said promoted a riot or encouraged an insurrection. To say otherwise, just shows how bias and intellectually dishonest people have become. They operate on ignorant rage and revenge. America missed its chance with Tulsi.

IvoryDove 1 months

Stan, I left the GOP for the reason you expressed... Here's a true dilemma... If we abandon the GOP for a third party, the Democrats remain undivided and win heavily. They are worse than the GOP in virtually every metric. If we stay in the GOP, they are going to continue sliding toward the same globalist cronyism that the Democrats have already embraced. The only real solution is to turn the GOP back into the "constitutional conservative party", but that's near impossible as well.

IvoryDove 1 months

Blaming one person's speech for another's criminal action is a prelude to "thought crimes" and the same kind of action that China is taking against dissidents in Hong Kong. The only speech that should be blamed for violence is a literal call to violence.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

Republicans won all 12 toss up house seats and if not for after midnight shenanigans TRUMP would still be president. The Rino's and the corporate necon warmongers days are almost over we will be putting forth AMERICA FIRST candidates.

Idaho Liberal
Idaho Liberal 1 months

Finally a smart Republican willing to stand up for the party and not the man. T**** is not a Republican. T**** is an egotistical Narcissist that will say or do anything to stay in power. He’s bad for America, bad for Democracy, and bad for the Republican Party.

T 1 months

Eager to see how Qpublicans are Turing that one around. Yeah, Trump lost every election - even 2016 he lost the popular vote. In fact only Bush 2004 was able to win RBGs poular vote for the GQP between 1988 and 2020-ongoing. At least for 35 years the GQP WON ONLY ONCE A POPULAR VOTE.

Shawn 1 months

Thanks for the warning..... coming from a literal nobody lmao

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 1 months

I thought the official narrative was "Trump is a danger to those who OPPOSE him". The Ministry of Truth needs to make-up it's mind.

Katie 1 months

I mean he has a point. Why should we expect anything to be different the next time he runs from last time... 50% of the country was out to ruin him and they will do it again.

Skot 1 months

Obfuscate when you run out of propaganda. That's the technocrats go to play these days. Everyone that says this sort of thing against relative outsiders like Trump or Sanders, is an operative or a shill. They know the appeal of an outsider candidate that isn't a pawn of the global elite. If the GOP really wanted to win, they could do it with a less lumbering and corrupt candidate, that person just couldn't be beholden to the empire and would need to at the least campaign that they weren't. At least lie before selling out the citizens of this country.

Brian 1 months

Who ? Who is this? Where does he live ?

⚓️ᔕIᔕᑌGIᖇᒪ🌊 1 months

WHAAAAT???!!! A relatively intelligent Republican? Whoa!

snarley 1 months

Really what he means is "Keep pushing Trump ". He's the "greatest president of all time".....which is why your party is KILLING it right now 😉.

Chet 1 months

Little late for that homey

Cameron 1 months

Gotta say....It’s pretty fun to watch Democrats and the GOP slowly fracture from within.

John W
John W 1 months

Trump got 10 million more than last time, but that can't match massive mail in voting without verification. No candidate can win over that. Hopefully we can have honest elections again.

Cory 1 months

Is it just me or does this guy look kinda retarded? Or maybe he just likes to make funny faces for the camera?

Brandon 1 months

You know we wouldn't keep comparing Trump to Hitler if y'all would stop doing fachy s**t...

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