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George Floyd case: Minneapolis junks plan to pay influencers during cops’ trials

George Floyd case: Minneapolis junks plan to pay influencers during cops’ trials

After facing backlash over its plan to pay social media influencers $2,000 each to fight misinformation during the trials of 4 ex-cops charged in George Floyd’s death, Minneapolis has abandoned it. It involved enlisting 6 influencers to share ’city-generated and approved messages’ with African Americans, Latinos, etc. Activists said it was the city’s attempt to spin its own narrative in the case.

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 1 months

Perhaps they should just stick to the facts of the case and not the myths that have sprung up around it. People have died and others have lost their homes and businesses after a ruthless media spun a story about a felon who died of a drug overdose while being arrested for another crime. We are further from racial harmony now than anytime in the last 40-years because of a corrupt media and Marxist wanna revolutionaries. Time to hold those who created this mess accountable, and I don’t mean the cops on the street but the politicians and other race grifters.

Seekster 1 months

Proof that Americans still have a voice even if it is raised against the leftist agenda which it should be more often.

Eric 1 months

1.2 million for community engagement program for the trial. I believe this caae is already tainted. Do we still jave trials in court and juries? And news sources that can report the daily facts of the trial? This is not adding up.

wilhemena 1 months

defense attorneys will still have a field day and score points on govt bias

Morbo 1 months

Trial for what exactly. Fylod killed himself his death was the result of an overdose not the cop on his neck. The entire BLM movement is based on media lies.

Erick 1 months

This is ridiculous. They know there case isn't strong and they are trying to sway everyone they can in one direction. Why do they can lose the other half of the city when the cop is let off? These same "influencers" are the same people who incited the riots.

Skunk 1 months

I guess someone realized that giving these fools $2000 each, while the city is struggling from a police shortage following their "Defund" nonsense, was a bad idea? Who'd have thought?

Charles 1 months

That city is going to explode when they let those cops walk.

Diego 1 months

Needs to be a fair trial. Social media needs to be quiet and let the facts drive the case.

Matt 1 months

Looking at how the state government operates, as a resident, I assume ignorance, not malevolence. They probably did think this was a good idea, and that it would help engage with the public and make us feel included, while quelling potential surface-level unrest. It probably would be a great idea, if we were < 2015'ish us. But we got all burdened by nonsense.

ttocsick 1 months

And nobody in Minnesota has a problem with this???

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