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Now, a third woman accuses Cuomo of sexual harassment

Now, a third woman accuses Cuomo of sexual harassment

New York’s embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo’s hopes for a respite from accusations of sexual harassment have been dashed after a third woman, Anna Ruch, accused him of making sexual advances. Earlier, two of his ex-aides released their own versions. Ruch, 33, told NYT that Cuomo put his hand on her lower back at a wedding in 2019, then placed his hand on her cheeks and asked if he could kiss her.

Tom A
Tom A
Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 1 months

I’m much more interested in seeing him held accountable for the nursing home deaths, not for bad behavior that he’s most likely been doing for his whole career. Convict him on the former and he’ll gain first hand experience of what it is like to be the victim of the latter.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 1 months

These accusations feel like a distraction from what we should should be talking about when it comes to Cuomo.

Derek 1 months

I am no fan of Cuomo, but there is nothing in this video worth seeing. It appears to be completely innocent. So what is the point here? Hold him accountable for his actual misdeeds, not this nonsense. (Edit: just to be clear, this comment refers to the “Eat the entire sausage” video referred to in an earlier version of this story).

AD C 1 months

Cuomo, ends up killing thounsands in nursing homes and yet news outlets only really seems to care when a few woman come forward to claim he sexually harassed them...... Do we humans ever have our priority in order?

Leonard 1 months

There was a time when murderers like Cuomo were put in front of the firing squad. Speaking of firing squads... Have you tried to buy ammo lately? They can't keep it on the shelves. I bought stock in ammunition manufacturers a while back and have been making a killing. Up up up, there seems to be no end. Check out VSTO and POWW. There's not a better investment right now.

geckouni 1 months

26 women accused T (R), 3 going steady accused C (D), (D) seems more willingly to take such accusations more seriously..

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 1 months

At this point, even i feel sexually harassed by Cuomo 🤡

Charles 1 months

Can we get to 5 complaints by Friday?

wilhemena 1 months

looks like Cuomo is gonna have to do the same - LOL!

wilhemena 1 months

it is so wonderful to enjoy watching the Left eat its own like a pack of gut-shot hyenas, running around in circles and snapping at each others' entrails

Rocket 1 months

CUOMO🤡💩 is nothing but a CORRUPT SCUMBAG COMMUNIST that COMMITTED MASS MURDER of Senior Citizens in New York Nursing Homes!!! Prosecute that Arrogant PUNK for GENOCIDE and SENTENCE him to a FIRING SQUAD or the ELECTRIC CHAIR, whichever is more PAINFUL!!!😉

David 1 months

I feel that all this news is coming to the surface so fast, it’s to keep less eyes on the covid failures. So that when you type in google “cuomo” you get this stuff

godhillie 1 months

Just a distraction from the real issue...

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