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Supreme Court takes on election case from Arizona

Supreme Court takes on election case from Arizona

The case, Brnovich v. DNC, was filed by the Democratic Party in 2016 over racial disparity allegations. It challenges two aspects: a rule that requires Election Day voting be done at a voter’s assigned precinct, and a limit on organized ballot trafficking, which ensures that only election officials, mail carriers, family or household members, or caregivers may collect a voter’s early ballot.

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

Afro people can't register to vote or receive the vaccine because they do not know how to log onto a computer.

Seekster 1 months

What is wrong with these ideas? Ensuring that elections are seen as legitimate is the most important priority in any election.

Jon 1 months

So, 1) it took five years to reach SCOTUS. 2) what will be left of our elections if these rules are found to be unconstitutional?

kaleb 1 months

While I agree with you, if they find it to be a constitutional issue, it would be within their jurisdiction.

Aaron 1 months

its a republic states need to decide

Julian 1 months

They’ll look at this case but not the other election cases?

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