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FBI director denies report Capitol riot was planned by ’fake Trump protesters’

FBI director denies report Capitol riot was planned by ’fake Trump protesters’

Christopher Wray, director of the FBI, denied reports that ’fake Trump protesters’ planned the January 6 riot at the US Capitol. Wray was replying to a question regarding the same by Senator Dick Durbin, when he was also asked if he believes the attack on the Capitol involved white supremacists and other violent extremists. ’Certainly the Capitol attack involved violent extremists,’ he said.

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

Of course there were saboteurs. There is a large group of America that is disaffected and lost, and they appear at all sorts of demonstrations to be the first brick thrower or the first window smasher. I can happily acknowledge that BLM protests were most certainly infected with Antifa plants whose sole purpose was to accelerate the chaos. I can happily acknowledge that MAGA protests were most certainly infected with Antifa plants whose sole purpose was to accelerate the chaos. To think otherwise is to bury your head in the sand.

Nautilus 1 months

Why would anyone be surprised that the FBI denies its own shenanigans? That's their job.

mike 1 months

There is video evidence that blm/antifa terrorists donned Trump gear before the cops let them in the capital building!!! Before the real Trump supporters even got there

Kathy 1 months

Mr. Wray is being untruthful if he says there was no disruptive planning. The pipe bombs were planted the day before the protest! The protesters fired no shots and to this day the justification for killing a heroic veteran has NOT been explained. The videos of legislators running madly down the hallways only makes me wonder why they were running so fast? Could it be they had knowledge of the obvious con that democrats had successfully executed and were apprehensive that someone would spill the beans? Now instead of answering very valid questions about fraudulent voting they are trying to pass HR -1 which will legalize the disenfranchisement of all republicans! They should be praying every nite that they don’t get caught in this con!

Mark 1 months

As far as I can see there were 3 groups of people there. The regular average joe maga supporter who just kind of milled around maybe poked their head in the capitol building. The qAnon nuts who wrecked and robbed the place. And finally a group of ex military and gravy seals who were there to do serious damage to people and to destroy the electoral college votes.

Luthian 1 months

All you need to look at is that several big name conservatives (Alex Jones being one of them) funneled MILLIONS of dollars into funding the insurrection, including renting multiple busses to transport them there.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 months

Interesting how the 'right' article focuses on the obvious lack of security despite several requests and the 'left' article focuses on defending Antifa. Journalism vs. Propaganda.

John W
John W 1 months

There were all types of people there, many didn't support trump. Does that make them fake trump supporters. Even if they were not supporting trump and happened to be causing trouble?

John W
John W 1 months

No police died that day at the capital. Are you one of those people? If so i will show you the truth.

Matt 1 months

It's easy to become part of a mob and misrepresent it. Don't immediately believe what you're told, especially from sources that have a profit incentive, and definitely not without hearing all accounts. Otherwise you just become another divisive person, choosing sides instead of choosing facts.

Shono 1 months

Duh watch the expose "psyop the steal" about john Sullivan and all the rest of the provocateurs. 100 percent this was a PSYOP

c 1 months

I have zero faith in what the FBI states as being true or false...corruption abounds

S 1 months

William Robert Norwood III Bwahahaha!

Captain D’s nuts
Captain D’s nuts 1 months

Good thing we can trust the fbi right? Lol wow

Luddite 1 months

toe the line

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 months

And what if the Qanon types come backnl in 2 days? Will they finally get their cherished martyrdom? Please make it so.

Glen 1 months

No one trust the Obama FBI.

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