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Epic Games acquires ’Fall Guys’ developer Mediatonic

Epic Games acquires ’Fall Guys’ developer Mediatonic

Epic Games has bought Tonic Games, the parent company of the UK-based studio Mediatonic, which created the 2020 hit ’Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.’ Epic said the acquisition won’t affect the upcoming Nintendo Switch and Xbox version of ’Fall Guys,’ which is planned for this summer. Tonic Games said the deal will help developers generate new ideas. The financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

General Tso's White House
General Tso's White House 1 months

for those who don't know, Epic Games was bought by Tencent (ie: literally the Chinese military) in 2018 and has been aggressively buying up studios since then. The 'Epic Games' subsidiary brand is used as an American friendly face for Tencent and a foothold for CCP-backed technology in the West. Giving money to Epic Games is an indirect way to fund concentration camps and genocide in China, not to mention provides money to a government that has sworn to destroy America. Boycott Epic Games. Boycott Tencent. Boycott the CCP.

Seekster 1 months

I guess this game won't be on Steam much longer.

Grové 0 months

Epic will use disgusting word salad to say ‘Giving you, the avid gamer more choice by offering exclusively on Epic store’. Next up: Valheim developers. Epic’s strategy is to simply buy (muscle) their way into PC gaming. Why does Epic stire not have reviews and community pages? Average 15 year old only cares about getting the games. Epic is playing the long game, the 10-15 years strategy. Your average 15 yo and their soccer mom have never heard about Steam. They know fortnite and where to get it. I know 15 yo’s who has never heard of Steam, but know only about Epic (Store) because of Fortnite.

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