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Substandard food in DC made National Guard troops sick, report says

Substandard food in DC made National Guard troops sick, report says

Detroit TV station WXYX 7 Action News reported that the Michigan National Guard troops deployed at the US Capitol have been fed raw chicken, stale bread and dishes with metal shavings. It said the meals led to scores of them to report sick. Many were even hospitalized. Some Republicans are calling on President Joe Biden to end the post-January 6 riot deployment, deeming it needless at this point.

Fred V
Fred V 1 months

That's sad, I hope all the military folks that voted for Biden now understand how they are viewed by the dem's that they voted for. It's a hard lesson to learn, this is why we don't vote for these people...

jamie 1 months

The explanation of what problems they had with food sounds like deployment to Afghanistan.....but so does barriers, armed troops and barbed/razor wire so 🤷‍♂️

Abdul 1 months

Well upon fact checking this, the federal government wasn’t the one organizing meals, it was the respective states of which the guardmans belonged to that provided meals.

Barry 1 months

Why are only the Guard from Michigan complaining? Are other states not having the same problem?

L 1 months

That sounds like normal military food.. or at least when I was on during the 80s and 90s. I got good poisoning at least 3 times

Montgomery 1 months

WTF !!!

Burger 1 months

First, fire the vendor and prosecute them. Second, they wouldn’t have to be there if a bunch of morons didn’t storm the capital. All this nonsense due to a tinpot wannabe dictator and his gullible minions.

Donna 1 months

A previous poster noted that the National Guard are fed by the states that they are coming from, not the federal government. So the Biden administration has nothing to do with these troops being fed bad food. And I expect that if the problem isn’t resolved immediately, the administration will make moves to see that they are properly fed.

Alex 1 months

This appears to be an act of terrorism when raw chicken and metal shavings are fed to military personnel. I'd like to see an investigation into those who cooked and served our services members this poisonous food.

Neala 1 months

And no one is going to say how deplorable the standards are? When Trump was the one who loosened ALL REGULATIONS! So him and his friends to get rich! Nope, it’s just Biden’s fault that he’s keeping the troops there?!

James 1 months

Some years ago I worked in the south helping after a hurricane. Because there was no power, we were given MREs which were okay and "self cooked". The photos shown aren't MREs - did the military stop using them?

Tiggs 1 months

This is a reflection of Our food standards as a whole accross the country. They are appalling from the farm all the way to the table, in the USA we prioritise profit over everything its just who most of us have become. Food poisenings are a common reason for requiring the hospital in the USA — It is not just the restaurants who supplied the national guard.

WooToo 1 months

More and more I wonder who will uphold this failed state if those I charge continue to treat everyone beneath them with such contempt.

Damian 1 months

Never eat raw chicken.

Dracule Mihawk
Dracule Mihawk 1 months

That's Biden Fault . Get it 😉

Alex 1 months

Man those poor troops. They get called in to DC with no place to actually stay, and then get trash food. Note to DC: you have to actually be responsible for all the troops you drag in to defend yourselves with.

Barry 1 months

Just give them some sht on shingles

Luddite 1 months

you would expect Liebenstandart Joesph Biden to have the best quality food

Joshua 1 months

Wait, you guys got food?

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

Let's put these people in charge of our healthcare!

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