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Possible bid by militia group to attack US Capitol, police warn

Possible bid by militia group to attack US Capitol, police warn

The United States Capitol Police Department reported that it had acquired intelligence which shows ’a possible plot to breach the Capitol.’ The USCP said that in response to the intelligence report, it had made security upgrades, including establishing a physical structure and increasing manpower to ensure the protection of Congress, the public and police officers.

IvoryDove 1 months

The internet makes false flags so much easier. All it takes is one or two loose nuts to create a narrative for the media to blow up into an "insurrection". Seriously... Who can possibly think an assault on the Capitol would yield any sort of successful political objective? Oh ya.. Those who want a police state.

Shono 1 months

Patriot Front Psyop. Look up #patriotfront hashtag on Instagram and observe all of the fake accounts pretending to be white supremacists. No joke!!!

Milkshake 1 months

The Capitol is a joke. Whether it was civilian Conservatives, Liberals, or Libertarians, all groups are validated to burn that thing down. Had ANTIFA invaded it I'd support it same as the other side, and we know the Anarchist arm of ANTIFA also took part as did a BLM activist, and I applaud them too. The Capitol holds closed door secretive trials not open to the public, this is completely Undemocratic. The Capitol's staff have lower public rating than Ghaddafi had during his final days and he was dragged into the streets and killed. They don't represent anything except elite Wallstreet cronyism which they showcased in full force with the GameSpot scandal. The Capitol's staff have shown absolute and complete corruption and incompetence during this COVID trial, both Democratic and Republican representatives have failed the American people, yet none suffer consequences. No justice or democracy here. The Capitol is responsible for whistleblowers against eroding Democracy being treated like war criminals, completely anti-Democratic, with Democrats and Republicans both joining hands in this corruption of principles and morals such as against Snowden, the same ones making up the majority of the Capitol currently. The only ones who care about Capitol being invaded are top 1% elite scum who have invested too much lobbying and blackmail money and decades into the current puppets residing there, and leaders of other countries in the world who failed their own countries too and see in the Capitol their own future and rightful deserts for their failures. There's no empathy that should be had for the Capitol and the miscreants constituting it on both sides of the bipartisan isle.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 months

What a bunch of bullshit. If there is a "militia," it probably consists of undercover FBI guys that are actually feeding this crap into the system.

edwin 1 months

Wow... this is a farce of the first water. Nobody with even half a brain is that incompetent. Biden is dry roasting himself with every move he makes, making a Trump win in 2024 all the harder for big tech to avert. And the troops guarding the capitol aren't happy, between their lack of accommodations, lack of food at times, and the "loyalty checking" going on. Heck, having something with pepe the frog on it is enough to terminate your enlistment and put you in DHS detainment... just let it fall apart on its own.

Jon 1 months

Time to beef up security to keep out the right wing Trump mob from trying to burn down the Capitol and murder Congress again. Sad. Bigly sad.

Robo 1 months

It's another attempt at a Reichstag fire, but at least it makes the government afraid. They need to always be afraid of the people.

Risen 1 months

If our rulers are outside the reach of violence, our rights are just useless political theater.

Tetelestai 1 months

this is just an excuse to continue to militarize the US Capital in preparation for the communist take over and the subsequent destruction of the US Constitution. it's happening people, count on it.

Mutatis 1 months

I am sure they will be removing the national guard troops and fencing next week, as yet another hyped up threat never materializes. How many times are people going fall for the same nonsense?

Iam 1 months

Sorry, but they are grouping all militia groups into one box, and calling them III%ers, they haven't a clue what the movement is TRUELY about.

michael 1 months

Glad they're listening this time. Hopefully if something starts, they won't be communicating by e mail.

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 1 months

The source of the conspiracy theories is the same source that provides the “official narrative”. They’ve done this throughout history, planted seeds of discontent, disenfranchisement, and created division by pushing false ideas about (racial, political, socioeconomic, religious, gender, sexual orientation) inequalities, injustices, evil agendas, etc.. stirred up hatred and ideas of secession/ revolution/civil war. look at the history ... all with the same intent, that Out of chaos, comes “order” except it’s the order they want, not what the people want. They will push and poke in each direction until they get what they want and we are all pawns in the game, I don’t care what side you think you’re on.

Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan 1 months

As opposed to literal thousands of calls for assassination to Trump after he won in 2016 that are on Twitter to this day. If there is any real evidence of it that isn’t Facebook posts or tweets, let’s see it. If they’re actually credible, I’d like to know. If they’re not, then I don’t care.

David 1 months

So you plan something like this & then advertise it all over the internet.?

James 1 months

Is "acquiring" intelligence indicating a "possible" attack anything more than a definite, possible, maybe scenario to scare tactic more funds for enhanced government security and intrusion in American life?

Jackson 1 months

Qanon people just wait for the date to come so they can pick a new one lmao

Nathaniel 1 months

My thing is why would you divulge that information? I feel like this is fake or blown out of proportion. This has to be classified information. Why would you let them know you knew they were planning an attack and not just up security in such a way that if they did attack you could catch or kill them?

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 1 months

Look, if you guys just want a 4 day weekend we understand, we all do. But don’t make up crazy stuff to get it. Do like we do, call in and say “my throat hurts and I don’t want to spread the China flu if I have it, so I’m staying home for the protection of others.” Then head to the beach! Everybody knows it BS but it looks more legitimate than; “oh no! The capital is being attacked by terrorist!” Nodbody buys that any more.

MIDESSA 1 months

What do you expect cultists to do when they dont get what they want? It like them is just hot air nothings going to happen here.

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