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Covid-19 test centre hit by explosion in Dutch town

Covid-19 test centre hit by explosion in Dutch town

Dutch police said Wednesday a COVID-19 testing center north of Amsterdam appeared to have been intentionally targeted after an explosion went off at the facility before it opened. No injuries were reported. The blast in the town of Bovenkarspel shattered windows. This comes shortly before national elections widely seen as a referendum on the Govt.’s handling of the pandemic.

Max 1 months

Ah yes, that makes sense. Blow up the testing center. After all, the pandemic isn't real, right? What's a little collateral damage to make an insane political statement?

Darrell Vermilion
Darrell Vermilion 1 months

Not all that surprising given some of the downright violent responses we've seen from the Dutch government against lockdown protesters. When you deny people the right to protest and shoot them with water cannons, things start blowing up--surprise!

k1ll3r 1 months


Anjali 1 months

Just proves stupidity has no bounds. I’m sorry to say when I read the notification. I said “WTF!!, what idiot has blown up a testing Center and what bloody state” I had both a sigh of relief and a moan of sadness when I read it was a Dutch COVID 19 testing site. Truly happy it wasn’t on of the states that keep clammering to just open up or a bunch of anti vacs wing nuts. But sickened that destroying that site may mean hundreds of people that need to be tested have it that much harder to get tested. Which might mean not getting tested. And the spiral into wider spread of the virus just as it appears to be declining is insanely evil.

GB Oz 1 months

Watching on from Australia, it baffles and staggers me - the dumb stupidity of people around the world acting out like they suddenly live in China or Nth Korea. Restrictions of movement, lockdowns, mass testing, social distancing etc - Do work. But the dumb stupid people , keep being dumb and stupid.

Rodrigo Teresa
Rodrigo Teresa 1 months


FoxStar 1 months

I guess the anti-science luddites aren’t just in the USA....just as dangerous too...

eclipseNF 1 months


Darknimbus3 1 months

Looks like their vaccines were culturally enriched.... Too soon? Ok, I’ll see myself out XD

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 1 months

In other news, terrorism ensues in attempt to deter public voting on the Netherlands.

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