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World’s first platypus sanctuary built in Australia

World’s first platypus sanctuary built in Australia

Plans have been unveiled by conservationists in Australia on Wednesday regarding the construction of a first refuge for the platypus in the world. The duck-billed mammal faces extinction due to climate change and the refuge is being planned in order to promote breeding as well as rehabilitation. The facilities will be built by 2022 with aims to house close to 65 platypuses.

Jonny 1 months


GB Oz 1 months

We have some weird and wonderful animals. It's got a duck beak, four flippers, lays eggs, swims in the water and is poisonous! They are precious and Australian sadly, needs to lift its game on protecting our animals and wildlife.

E N..
E N.. 1 months

Are they hiring yet?

Yuko Kawasaki
Yuko Kawasaki 1 months

Finally some good news

Yu Ii
Yu Ii 1 months

Wish Australia was half as generous to their hero, innocent citizen Julianne A.

Randall 1 months

You'll never convince me that the platypus came about from natural evolution.

Matt 1 months


sandwich sorceress
sandwich sorceress 1 months

Duck puppy playground

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