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Xi maps out China’s post-Covid rise, calls US ’biggest threat’ to his country

Xi maps out China’s post-Covid rise, calls US ’biggest threat’ to his country

China’s President Xi Jinping said the US is the ’biggest threat’ to his country. A Chinese government website published a county official’s comments, where he quoted Xi as saying: ’The US is the biggest threat to our country’s development and security.’ Xi also mapped out the country’s ascent in a post-Covid world. The official quoted Xi as saying: ’The east is rising, and the west is declining.’

Abhijeet 1 months

It’s a staged concert where Biden will blame China and Xi will paint US as a risk. All this to cover the secret quid pro quo between Biden and China. They are all in bed.

Seekster 1 months

Well he is right about one thing, the USA is the greatest threat to China and I pray that doesn't change.

Scipio 0 months

No one has killed more Chinese than the Chinese Communist Party, so tell me again who is the biggest threat to China. The CCP is the biggest threat to the rest of the world in my opinion.

kaleb 1 months

I feel like the CCP is china's biggest threat.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 months

I thought Winnie the Pooh was his greatest threat. Why else would he be banned?

Sylas 0 months

Let’s get it straight Xi, your yellow ass is the largest threat to the world, not us. Fuck you too! 🖕🏻

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 1 months

Hopefully Biden keeps it that way. I have my doubts though.

IvoryDove 1 months

He's got a point... In China, they don't have the government forcing them to have boys competing in girls sports.

GB Oz 1 months

Their biggest problem, is expecting everyone else, to do as they say and respect them. They do not care about anything other themselves- through propaganda, lying, bullying and intimidation. Respect is earned and China does not have our respect.

Arthur 1 months

Actually pooh bear your are the biggest problem for your country ,end the ccp and your problems will end also!

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