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Facebook asked by Democrats’ campaign arms to lift ban on political ads

Facebook asked by Democrats’ campaign arms to lift ban on political ads

Facebook was urged by the Democratic Party’s House and Senate campaign arms to lift its ban on political ads. The campaign arms claimed that the policy has limited interaction between voters, lawmakers and activists, while failing to prevent the spread of disinformation. The social media giant had banned any new political ads in October ahead of the presidential election.

Dracule Mihawk
Dracule Mihawk 1 months

When it's in your favor that's no problem. Fairgame my ass

Hugh G
Hugh G 1 months

Have the dems tried reaching out to their social media arm, Facebook?

Tiggs 1 months

I understand why FB has banned political adds, its an easy way for them to deal with the consequences of their actions in selling the data of their users to companies like the now shut-down Cambridge Analytica, the company the Republican Party used to spread Misinformation in a Russian stylée tailored to the FB data on their users and assist DT in "winning" the election let's we all forget.

GB Oz 1 months

Since it's you the Democrats who asked so nicely, of course we will. Ffs.

Charles 1 months

Anyone who is still on that communist platform is a fool for punishment.

Nathan 1 months

Democrats and Facebook are the sources of misinformation.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 1 months

Not that I agree with it in the first place but do tell Republicans where Democrats said "only lift it for us". I'll wait.

Matt 1 months

How about no more political ads until a handful of months before an election. We don't need more do-nothing 'leaders' telling us why the other team is bad, while glossing over their own failures. I'm Matt, and I approve this message. F-word.

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