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Facebook removes 185 accounts run by Thai military

Facebook removes 185 accounts run by Thai military

Facebook deleted accounts associated with the Thai Govt. citing ’coordinated inauthentic behavior.’ The tech giant removed 77 individual Facebook accounts, 72 Facebook pages, 18 Facebook groups and 18 Instagram accounts. Some accounts were explicitly associated with the military and others were fake accounts. The removal of the accounts was due to dodgy behavior, not just content, Facebook said.

IvoryDove 1 months

Social Media is virtually unregulated and an excellent tool for political manipulation. It's how Obama got elected. It's how Trump got elected (but they'll make sure that can never happen again). It's a mechanism to provide tons of in-kind political contributions to politicians without FEC controls.

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 1 months

So FB is the overlord and can dictate speech in other countries affairs.... King Zuck.

Worayud 1 months

As a Thai national I can say these military come politicians are toxic for the country. But I would never want them censored. Such things are tools of a repressive and authoritarianism regime. We can only fight bad speech and ideas with better speech and ideas. FB use of political situation to grab acceptence of more control is something to be rejected. Our true believes and values are validated when we extend to those on the oppersite side.

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