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New York Public Library will keep Dr. Seuss books on its shelves

New York Public Library will keep Dr. Seuss books on its shelves

The New York Public Library announced that it would continue keeping the six Dr. Seuss books which will stop being published due to purportedly racist imagery. The decision by the library was taken since it follows the American Library Association’s Freedom to Read principles. The association’s guidance is that libraries should provide a wide range of views, including those deemed ’unpopular’.

truth seeker
truth seeker 1 months

Good, glad to see they are standing up for freedom of speech, freedom of choice.

JB1987 1 months

2 states refusing boys to play in women's sports and now this.... there's hope for the country after all 🙏

Seekster 1 months

Standing up to bullies is how we cancel Cancel Culture. This story is a small gesture but it is still progress.

E N..
E N.. 1 months

Of course they will. Despite the utterly hysterical response from some on the right, all that happened is a small number of his less well known books won't be reprinted. The decision was made by the suess foundation who control the IP. So all the talking heads shrieking CANCELLED CANCELLED CANCELLED are just being dishonest. Its depressing how many people are running with the lie just because it fits the scary cancel culture narrative.

michael 1 months

Imagine that, two left wing bogeymen, new york and and a publicly funded educational facility, not participating in the "caNCeL cULtUre" that the right likes to pretend is a bigger problem than white supremacist domestic terrorism.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 1 months

Excellent! This way thru don't have to get rid of their romance section, spirituality section, or history section too. Good job!

Viviko 1 months

If they decide to remove them, might as well give them to me. I can sell them for about $1000 a pop :)

IIzard 1 months

White suprêmacist libraries 😂😂😂😂

John W
John W 1 months

We are living out 1984, and everyone thinks it's a game. Newspeak is the fictional language of Oceania, a totalitarian superstate that is the setting of dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell. In the novel, the ruling English Socialist Party (Ingsoc) created Newspeak[1]:309 to meet the ideological requirements of English Socialism in Oceania. Newspeak is a controlled language of simplified grammar and restricted vocabulary designed to limit the individual's ability to think and articulate "subversive" concepts such as personal identity, self-expression and free will.[2] Such concepts are criminalized as thoughtcrime since they contradict the prevailing Ingsoc orthodoxy.[3][4]

harbringer F
harbringer F 1 months

So En and Micheal are you ready to admit there is no right wing terror threat? That the 15 Nazis pose no real threat to the western world?. If you choose to believe in lies so can everyone else.

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 months

1941 bravery was holding out until death against the (actual) Nazi invasion. 8 decades later, 2021 bravery is continuing to keep Dr. Seuss books on your library's shelves. Okay... I'll take what I can get...

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 1 months

White people need to start standing up for themselves. You guys are just letting them cancel your culture.

White mana matters
White mana matters 1 months

Yeah, like they are not going to be 'lost' by well-meaning borrowers in a week. Anyone got the latest secondary market price on the books?

Nautilus 1 months

Leftists like to pretend that the response to the censorship of Dr. Seuss is about Dr. Seuss himself and completely ignore the actual problem: censorship itself. They're in a constant state of cognitive dissonance and can't be bothered to listen to anyone who isn't rich and powerful

Papa Joe
Papa Joe 1 months

Book sales are up. That's a good ad campaign!

Small town conspiracy 1776
Small town conspiracy 1776 1 months

What is this NAZI Germany or something?!? Dr. Seuss books were the epidomy of what’s on the outside doesn’t matter it’s what’s on the inside it’s your character! It’s what taught me at a young age it doesn’t matter if there’s a star on your belly or not we’re all the same. Soon it will be the Bible 🙏🗽👨‍👩‍👦☝️💯👍💪

Jackson 1 months

People are acting like there's a real life book burning going on

PhilNye 1 months

Why is this a story? Who cares a company decided not to carry a product because they think it’s better for their bottom line and yet the right wing is claiming it’s a freedom of speech issue? What happen to free markets?

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 months

Good! Better lock them up, with the prices they are going for now, some one will most likely try and Nic it.

William 1 months

i feel that it’s understandable where they’re coming from. the publication of the books being ceased is a great thing, but i see no reason a public library can’t have the books. remove them from schools and such, sure. racist imagery shouldn’t be shown in a cheerful children’s book, it should be shown as shameful in history classes and american literature classes.

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