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House Speaker Pelosi warns of threat from ’all the president’s men’

House Speaker Pelosi warns of threat from ’all the president’s men’

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives called for more funding for Capitol security, as she citing the ongoing threat of violence from ’all the president’s men’. The reference was to the mob of Donald Trump’s supporters who ransacked the Capitol on Jan. 6. Ever since the mob overwhelmed law enforcement officers at the US Capitol, the security issue has been front and center.

Matt 1 months

Sounds sexist. I thought we were supposed to include women. Why not give them credit as well? In the same week, she helps condemn an ex-President for racism, which by definition was not racism. I think they ran out of things to do? Seems like they spend a lot of time trying to dunk on a ghost, while widely ignoring the people. If a person in power has such thin skin that they have to dwell on an insult, then use our money and time to tell them they're naughty, I don't think that person should hold power. I'd like a government, please. Do anything other than have TDS, please. They're so butthurt.

chris 1 months

I hate to say it but I'm actually cheering for covid to take that generation out.

Nickel 1 months

I don't know how the Democrats got the FBI in the Army the National Guard to stand down and let the riots happen on purpose I'm from the government and I'm here to help

Glen 1 months

Demacrats have become the weakest link. Their now hiding behind barriers.

JoeSchmo 1 months

Wait What? A sexist remark coming from the mouth of a self proclaimed “good Catholic” ? Maybe I’m wrong; read to tired to check but isn’t “all the presidents men” copyrighted? Just sayin

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