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Cuomo advisers pushed for changes in nursing home deaths report: WSJ

Cuomo advisers pushed for changes in nursing home deaths report: WSJ

According to a WSJ report, top advisers to NY Gov. Cuomo influenced state health officials to falsify data around COVID-19 related nursing-home deaths in the state. The report in July focused only on residents who died inside long-term care facilities, leaving out those who died in hospitals after becoming sick in nursing homes, showing a significant undercount of over 50%.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 1 months

Fatal consequences of TDS - just to prove to the world that he’s doing a better job than the President. And people say that TDS isn’t a thing.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 months

How long before Cuomo flips this to blame the advisers? The man accepts zero responsibility.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 1 months

Cuomo needs to be impeached and removed from office at they very least. How much more evidence do we need that he should be removed from office and potentially should be tried in a court of law.

Brianna 1 months

The moment when conspiracy oriented folks may start to realize the real counting issue with covid is under counting ! And yes, it’s always political, same in every country, regardless of their alleged political “color”. They under counted because it made them look unprepared and poorly reactive, which is exactly what happened, everywhere.

wilhemena 1 months

that's right: "I vas only phollowing orderz!" (to help the nursing home slayer)

Charles 1 months

Make up your mind conservatives.... Covid numbers are either exaggerated or low-balled. You are trying to have it both ways right out in the open. Is the pandemic better or worse than reported?

coughdrop1989 1 months

Its almost like he manipulated the number to make a false inflation of covid deaths. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

John W
John W 1 months

While Cuomo was hiding the covid deaths and spreading the virus. New York became the super spreader state. Ground zero for covid in the USA. He killed many more than 15k. He is single handlly let covid get a rapid foothold in the United States. This was more than just a coverup. It impeded our public health response. We now know that New York was the primary source of new infections across the United States. Genetic testing shows that the outbreak in New York was seeded by travelers from Europe, and that it was the New York variant — not the West Coast variant that arrived directly from China — that seeded the rest of the country. The New York Times reported last year that the New York variant was responsible for 70 percent of covid-19 cases in Texas, 78 percent of cases in Wisconsin, 80 percent in Alaska, 84 percent in Arizona and 100 percent in Louisiana. As Nathan Grubaugh, an epidemiologist at the Yale School of Public Health, told the Times, “New York was the primary gateway for the rest of the country.”

Wendy 1 months

I like the guy. So the nursing home deaths should have been reported as nursing home deaths instead of Hospitalized deaths? So what! Move on

S 1 months

All of this Cuomo news is the Republican's way of deflecting attention away form the fantastic job the Biden Administration has done in only the first 6 weeks. A steadily increasing stock market, a 73% nationwide reduction in COVID cases, 3 separate vaccines that have already rolled out once Biden took office and will be available to everyone by at least May, jobs coming back, and financial relief coming to millions. Enjoy the Blue Wave America!

Diego 1 months

This is one fine example of corruption in our government (state and federal). Officials who hide data pertaining to this is no better than the CCP or other governments trying to hide the actual death count (if we can ever get one). There is a low amount integrity in our government, there is no accountability for the actions of politicians who in turn abuse the system to remain in power. To be honest, why do we keep giving officials the benefit of the doubt? Why do we keep voting for people we know have abused their position in the past? There needs to be a change, there needs to be some absolute rule that can prevent people who abuse their power from continuing on.

Matt 1 months

B-b-b-but its only the Republicans that are evil the democrats are saints come to save us all

Mrs Fabiola
Mrs Fabiola 1 months

Ok, can we also get reports from all other states.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

We all said this back in June him an 5 other dem governor and the HE/she from Pennsylvania did this to pump up the number of deaths to make TRUMP look bad. The one in Pennsylvania took HIS/her mom out of the nursing home before putting the sick patients in and Governor Whitmer took her mother in law out before putting the sick in. Thus y all the new attention for sexual harassment chages pop up to say look over here not over there.

Tom 1 months

Devious bastards

Tom 1 months

Devious bastards

Change Matters
Change Matters 1 months

I'm shocked! 😮

Glen 1 months

Facts, are hard to come by in Cuomo's world.

Shrieqer 1 months

The true north of NY remembers Cuomo. You sit in your mansion and count the money made from Phillip Morris. The north remembers. Every corrupt action. Every lie you paid for a doctor to say. Justice needs to be served for he has failed this state.

karl 1 months

Nice to see Democrats dropping this guy. I think we can all agree the best Cuomo is Rivers.

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