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Policeman accused of raping girl he had once taken for rape test

Policeman accused of raping girl he had once taken for rape test

A former New Orleans policeman has been accused of raping a girl, 14, he had taken for a rape test last year. In a lawsuit, the girl’s mother said the ex-cop, Rodney Vicknair, groomed the girl for months before he eventually raped her. In May 2020, he was tasked to drive the girl, accompanied by her mother, to a hospital for a rape test. Since then, he remained in touch with her, the suit alleged.

Matt 1 months

People project their ego's desires through persona by projecting. "My Brother's Keeper" is a Christian organization that looks to do all sorts of good. This guy became a police officer. Not digging at either thing. Both are good things. He likes to help the powerless and victimized. He likes to use power and create victims. He is not self-aware. Almost nobody is, even if they think they are. I'm not a PhD in psych, but this is intro level stuff, and seems obvious. Same structure probably happens in the cases of pedophile priests. Tell them to be celibate, then trust them alone with children who have implicit trust, and are told to trust. Not a great combination.

coughdrop1989 1 months

Not condoning this behavior but it says he groomed her. So did he have consensual sex with a minor or did he flat out beat her, hold her down and force himself on her. Yes their is a difference, if she engaged willingly then she should be just as guilty. Even in the actual article it states she sent him nudes. Well techincally she sent child pornography. He is a sicko however she KEPT GOINF BACK. After he said he could kill her loved ones. Never said anything. Asked to have s.ex and she declined, never said a word. Sent him nu.des ans never said anything. He finger raped her 2 times. Once wasnt enough you had to go back for seconds? I think the cop deserves his punishment but also seems like there is more to this story then were lead to believe.

Jonny 1 months

Sounds like a serial accuser... Evidence should be provided prior to destroying a man's reputation and career.

Darren 1 months

He has been accused. Not convicted. He could be innocent, he could be a scumbag. We don't know either way. Everyone in the comments is convinced he done it. Again maybe he did, maybe he didn't. But this is how innocent men's lives get irreversibly destroyed.

James 1 months

Maybe he can have "pedo" tattooed on his forehead while inside.

krista 0 months

Im locked inside of my apt now someone peed in crack and tried to break n. He stole mt 1st ph and

Shono 1 months

Pure evil

Barry 1 months

Who do you go to when you can't go to the cops?

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