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Pedestrian ’stunned’ to see ship hanging mid-air above sea in the UK

Pedestrian ’stunned’ to see ship hanging mid-air above sea in the UK

Pedestrian David Morris in the United Kingdom was left puzzled over a rare optical illusion, when he saw a large tanker seemingly hovering high above the ocean from a beach in Cornwall. The ship appeared to be hanging mid-air, with a large part of blue sky visible between the bottom of its hull and the surface of the water. The stunned pedestrian captured a photograph, which went viral soon after.

Brandon Fitzgerald
Brandon Fitzgerald 1 months

I didn't realize that Red Bull can be used as tanker fuel.

E N..
E N.. 1 months

It's a glitch in the Matrix!

John W
John W 1 months

When your oil tanker comes into port like this, you can be pretty sure someone shorted you a few barrels.

Krešimir T.
Krešimir T. 1 months

Just checked, this video explains well why it happens. Only mistake they made was drawing line that bends from viewers eyes, they should have started line from boat to viewers eyes, basically mirrored from what they displayed.

Test Steam
Test Steam 1 months

Not hard to understand. Increase in airline pilot retrenchments = increase in flying ships. This is basic economics, why complicate it with nonsense like optical illusions other conspiracies?

Indo 1 months

Now ain't that the mighty biggest UFO you ever seen!? We live and we learn !! This one is super weird.

Viviko 1 months

Aliens decided to steal one of humans sea ships with their tracter beams so they can have a closer look. They are watching us like scientists watching lab rats, and running experiments.

Grok This
Grok This 1 months

I don't see any of the loud lefties on this hilarious post. Do they lack humor? Also I guess neverland has to get it's Amazon packages somehow.

sandwich sorceress
sandwich sorceress 1 months

What no super man or Harry Potter references?

IIzard 1 months

You can see it's well below the actual horizon.

PhilNye 1 months

Flat earth confirmed

Stuart 1 months

When chuck norris wants a flying ship.....

cooldude 1 months

*cue the classic alien thing tune*

Shane 1 months

I wonder if we should start taking the legend of the Flying Dutchman literally now. Next headline: "Cornwall visited by ghosts"

night night
night night 1 months

Is this the work of fata Morgana?? :)

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 1 months

What, the rest of you aren't using anti-grav systems? UK has been using them for years... Sometimes we do get bored, head to America with one, camp outside a bar and make a load of UFO truthers for a laugh.

Yuri bezmenov
Yuri bezmenov 1 months

Ah this gonna give flat earthers new arguments.

Jackson 1 months

Its a helium tanker!

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 1 months

Now where is David Copperfield when the world needs him?

Talon One
Talon One 1 months

Oh it's the Borealis, the ship from Aperture Science. Half Life 3 confirmed!

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