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YouTube removes 5 channels run by Burma military

YouTube removes 5 channels run by Burma military

YouTube removed five channels run by Myanmar’s military for violating its guidelines. Earlier YouTube pulled dozens of channels as part of an investigation into content uploaded in a coordinated influence campaign. YouTube’s move follows a similar one by Facebook’s which removed all Myanmar military-linked pages from its site and from Instagram.

Robo 1 months

And this is how you know that the Burma military is in the right. They wouldn't need to censor them if they were doing something wrong.

General Tso's White House
General Tso's White House 1 months

Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Facebook: these are the companies that really rule the world governments.

Shono 1 months

Looks like psyop

Indo 1 months

It is seriously about time we used social media to crack down on such violence by authorised personnel on their own people. Really Vile !!

Seekster 1 months

Now do the CCP.

Dan 1 months

This happens when you're not a "peaceful protester"

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