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Eight Democrats defect on $15 minimum wage hike

Eight Democrats defect on $15 minimum wage hike

The Senate on Friday voted to reject a proposal sponsored by Sen. Sanders to raise the federal minimum wage to $15. Seven Democrats and one Independent who caucuses with Democrats joined the Republicans to vote against it. Sanders vowed after the vote to continue pressing the issue. ’If anybody thinks that we’re giving up on this issue, they are sorely mistaken,’ he said.

IvoryDove 1 months

If you're living in LA, $15/hr isn't enough. If you're living in Winnemucca, it's more than enough. Maybe minimum wage isn't a good idea for the federal government to get involved with?

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 1 months

Got to give it up for 8 Democrats that realize raising the minimum wage costs jobs of the people least able to loose them👏👏👏👏 how about the rest of you in government get out of the way of business and let it grow so people can earn more.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 months

Gotta love the irony of how the progressive democrats are mad that the corporate democrats aren't becoming more progressive. They've been playing this same game for decades, kids. They have made themselves very rich conning people to do exactly what you just Did. Why do you think they talk such a good game about racial issues but never deliver? They KNOW they will have the same voters continue to fall for it. Did you really think they were going to do anything other than pay you lip service until they got your voted? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!! And you suckers will vote for them again. But WE are the 'cultists'.

Seekster 1 months

The $15 minimum wage fails, saving small businesses throughout the country who are already suffering from the lockdowns.

Aleks 1 months

Why not tying the minimum wage to the average cost of living in each state? New York 25$ West Virginia 10$

Jackson 1 months

Productivity has risen dramatically but wages remain stagnant, its not communism to demand an adequate wage for you work

PhilNye 1 months

Hey Florida your senator doesn’t support a 15$/hour wage what’s up with that? Doesn’t seem like republicans care about the working class

Leonard 1 months

Wage is an agreement between an employer and an employee. They negotiate and decide what is acceptable to both. If an agreement can't be reach each goes elsewhere to find other opportunities. It's NOT THE GOVERNMENT'S F**KING BUSINESS!!!

David 1 months

Democrats got the house, a tie in the senate and the presidency and they still can't get things done to help us. COULD HAVE HAD BERNIE!

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

If you need a job, pick up a phone book and start calling general contractors and ask if they know of any work crews that need a new employee. If you have reliable transportation, leave your phone in your car, and can put in a full day without going through addiction withdrawals, you can make a very good wage as a day laborer depending on where you live. Work that job for just one year and you will be very happy.

Barry MC
Barry MC 1 months

When I started out working, I didn't need to support a family. I was living at home, but that home didn't provide me with any way to get work outside of my immediate area. No car, no drivers license, and really no way to learn. I got work in the local grocery store. It was the only option I had, and was a 30 min walk, but it let me start saving up. I bought a junker car before I had a driver's license, and paid friends to sit in the car so I could actually learn to drive legally when I had a permit. That's what I needed just to get the working world to be opened up for me. I saw the sales and the profit margins at the store I worked. Barely profitable. If minimum wage goes to 15/hr that store will be closed, no question. They're not a wal mart, they can't afford it. I'm at a pretty comfortable place now, but if not for that little store, I wouldn't even have been able to start.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 months

AOC pointed out that McDonald's workers in Denmark make $22/hr. but failed to realize they are taxes at 45% (as opposed to our 10% for minimum wage workers) or the fact that Denmark doesn't even HAVE a national minimum wage. See what happens when you get the government out of your wallet?

Lcifer 1 months

Well since it was brought up again AoC tweeted that in denmark McDonald's workers make $20 a hour and we should strive for the same result.....well let's look at this in context in denmark income tax is roughly 25% higher so they make the equivalent of $15 a hour now take into account cost of living there is also on average 40% higher so in reality tho McDonald's workers make $9 now not sure about the entire country but every mcdonald within 20 miles of my house here in indiana has a sign that says hiring starting at $10 a hour so pretty sure the McDonald's employees here are doing better then those in denmark......

SeeNotHearNot 1 months

You know what I'd like to see. Congress fighting to get rid of tax for low income workers. Let's start there and then push the minimum wage. The top 1% might have a ton of cash they keep but what they're taxed still Pays for about 80% of public services. Meanwhile the tax revenue from the bottom 20% doesnt account for much. Yet those taxed in the bottom 20% would really feel that extra cash in their pocket. Imagine if everyone who made less than 30 grand didnt have to pay income tax, they would actually go out and spend that money on goods and services. Improving their lives and the economy. As I see it that's the best way to improve peoples lives. Let me know what I might have missed or what's wrong with this line of reasoning. Thanks.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 1 months

I want people to make a wage that's liveable I also want businesses to be able to afford to pay people mostly small ones mind you.

Jon 1 months

If a small business can't survive paying above slave wages to it's employees maybe you shouldn't start a business. 🤔

michael 1 months

The way that this bill would have raised the minimum wage is wrong though. 15 is needed NOW, not five years from now, and we need it EVERYWHERE, not just for federal workers. Fight on.

Jon 1 months

Yet on Fox news you will hear nothing except about how Biden is an evil socialist who wants to ram through every piece of legislation and will turn the US into communist China. Newt Gingrich was literally on yesterday saying just that. 🤦‍♂️

MIDESSA 1 months

Gotta side with the right on this one. Tip dont try to raise a family of 4 on a McDonald's paycheck. Not what those jobs are ment for. I am all for government assistance for families (I find that better than the typical 2 parents with 4 jobs and no time for their kids scenario) but to put the burden of family support on the fast food chain is nonproductive and will simply lead to more part time employment and much higher prices at the counter.

Aleks 1 months

The fact is that a minimum wage is really not necessary in a healthy economy where workers have collective bargaining rights and they are well organized in unions... The problem is not the low minimum wage... the problem is that we need a minimum wage at all...

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