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NY Senate votes to repeal Cuomo’s emergency powers

NY Senate votes to repeal Cuomo’s emergency powers

Legislators voted to strip NY Gov. Cuomo of his emergency powers. The legislation revokes Cuomo’s ability to issue new directives, but allows existing orders that deal with preserving public health to remain while providing greater legislative oversight of those edicts. The bill also gives legislators the ability to end the state of emergency, which was earlier under Cuomo’s sole discretion.

DarkSide Bob
DarkSide Bob 1 months

Every state needs to do this. By definition, the emergency is over.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 1 months

This can’t be. He is the greatest Governor in the history of ever. Didn’t you guys read his wonderful book? He cures cancer and renders the world to a state of peace. So a few women got butt-slapped and thousands had to die NOT in nursing homes. It’s a small price to pay for all this wonderfulness. The previous sarcastic rant was brought to you by someone totally fed up with the “how great is Cuomo” clique of the

Nautilus 1 months

You waited this long? Do it for everyone. There was never an emergency. Emergency powers are evil.

Nunya 1 months

is that going to bring back the lives of over 10,000 elderly people? Are you going to roll back any of his mandates? Are you going to do anything useful? No? then all you're doing is virtue signaling.

Angela Clark
Angela Clark 1 months

Uhhhh Hello Senior Democrats!!!! You need to get in there and do something for Governor Cuomo! You to stop the criminal Republicans! He deserves his investigation he asked for folks! The Republicans can not just force him out! This is dirty play you all know it!!

Kyle 1 months

Good, I'm a democrat but he has more than shown irresponsibility

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 1 months

That's a start but he needs to be impeached and removed from office

Csaba 1 months

He served his purpose. To aid in Trumps loss!

Rafiel 1 months

The same needs to be done with governor Luhan Grisham of NM.

92cooks 1 months

Good, screw this fool

the terrible rabbit of death
the terrible rabbit of death 1 months

Is place is in jail.

Neal 1 months

He is an egotistical demigod that needs his hallo clipped.

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