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Senate passes $1.9 trillion coronovirus relief package

Senate passes $1.9 trillion coronovirus relief package

The senate passed the $1.9 trillion covid relief package. This will give each individual making below $75,000, $1,400 and $2,800 for married couples making below $150,000. The bill will also give $1,400 for each dependent in the household. The 600 page bill will also lower the federal taxes by $3,600 for each child under 6 and $3,000 for each child between 6 and 17.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

Pretty disgusting only 10% is going to the ppl and dealing with Corona. The rest is completely wasteful for nonsensical leftist propaganda. Not 1 penny should go to any other country nor illegal invaders. Pelosi and others will be get HUGE kickbacks from the 100's of millions going to their district. Quite sad they can never do something for working AMERICAN ppl and small AMERICAN business owners. As Pelosi once said crumbs is all we get.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 1 months

America last! Thank god we’re back to “normal” 🤣

Nathan 1 months

It is not a relief bill or stimulus package. Its a democrat state bailout and payoff to democrat operatives. What a croc!

Tom 1 months

Don't forget only 10% is staying in America

NeilT 1 months

Am sure the women's movement in Pakistan will be very happy to get some more money.

Captain D’s nuts
Captain D’s nuts 1 months

I would never advocate anything but peace. That being said the people have had it and everyone of these politicians should step down. They don’t care about you. They hate you and everything you love.

Alec 1 months

Inflation is growing by the day. And when you have stimulus bills like this going out all the time what it actually dose is lessen the value of the average peeson and increases the value of the large corporations people are buying from. This is truly a case of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. And the democrats are going to continue to do stuff like this and the economy is on the fast track to collapsing. Thanks democrats...

godhillie 1 months

Is this the "normal" everyone was so anxious to get back to? I think I preferred teetering on the edge of chaos. At least then we were forced to deal with our real problems...American problems.

Josh 1 months

And this, of course, is very good for Bitcoin.

Gloria 1 months

Why are you Conservative Trump followers, whine about this Bill. 77% of all Americans wanted this Bill to pass. 59% of Republicans wanted it. Did any of you know Trump administration left billion of dollars from the last stimulated in the U.S. Treasury's. This money was never distributed to the American People's for covid-19 like it was supposed to. Trump didn't care about peoples, or maybe he couldn't figure out how to put it in his own bank account. Trump left a huge mess behind, and it going to take money and time to clean it up.

Kathy 1 months

When the population of illegals passes the population of legal citizens will the Damrats then declare victory and demand that all government authority will come from the Dictatorship of the Demrats? They are definitely causing this to happen, what is their end goal according to Coward and Pissing?

michael 1 months

So predictable to see a bill pass that actually gives any money to any Americans directly and right wingers complain about it. How DARE government do something for the lower income people. If you're middle income I understand, it's tough shouldering one third of the tax burden with only 9% of the nation's wealth. Wonder where we could get more money..... Think of it this way. Elections have consequences.

Rafael 1 months

Hey Alec I don't see you whining when trump gave the rich a two trillion dollar tax. Breack where was the outrage then? Hippocrit.

Rafael 1 months

Hey Nathan you sound as if only democrats are the only ones getting the help. I'm sick and tired of hearing you so-called conservatives whining about everything democrats do. All you republicans do is start trouble just look at what yours did to the capital.

Jon 1 months

Look out, the cultists have already latched on to the debunked claim that only 9% is going to help Americans. Which is flat out false.

Brandon 1 months

Oh good... Instead of sending $5.5-6k to every man woman and child in america.... we will finally fund raytheons development of gender neutral diversity bombs and pakistani non-binary gender studies. America is back! Bomb back better!

Rafael 1 months

On the edge of chaos? You mean like when you so-called Americans attacked the capital that kind of chaos? Hippocrits.

Aleks 1 months

I love the hipocrisy of the commenters... when baff.oon in chief came out and said people should get $2.000 checks ... his supporters were all cheering... while knowing it was never going to happen... Now the same people are complaining about the democrats passing $600+$1.400 bill that puts $2.000 in the hands of the needy... I guess you deserve the misery you are in....

Narth 1 months

Politicians are elected to help the people and represent the best interests of those people. Those politicians who didn't vote to help people are not doing there job.

Rafael 1 months

Beijing biden you should be great full people will finally get some financial help. Tell me what did trump do to help besides getting thousands of people killed for lying about the virus.

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