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Dalai Lama urges people to administer COVID vaccine for the ’greater benefit’

Dalai Lama urges people to administer COVID vaccine for the ’greater benefit’

On Saturday, Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual leader received the first shot of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in the northern Indian town of Dharamshala. In a video post being vaccinated, he said, ’This injection is very, very helpful,’ and urged the people to get vaccinated for the ’greater benefit.’

Aleks 1 months

Wow... vaccine conspiracy theorists as well... Do not take it you smart As billg will control your simple brains otherwise... For normal people: some of my colleagues and family already got it and they are doing great...

Robo 1 months

I'm a Buddhist and I respect the Dalai Lama enough to believe that he wouldn't make an uneducated choice, or participate in a fake vaccination. So this is one of the first vaccinations that actually makes me consider it.

SmokeWizard 303
SmokeWizard 303 1 months

ALL these celebrity vaccinations are fake. Notice how they put their hand in the way of the camera so you can’t see the needle going in. The syringe is fake like a movie prop, the needle retracts into the syringe, OR they are simply putting the needle behind the arm and then squeezing the plunger, using slight of hand to attempt to deceive the public. Anyone with 2 brain cells should know not to be a guinea pig on something that could potentially kill you or at the very least scar you for life. There have been no clinical trials of this vaccine whatsoever. They are using the public’s hysteria and ignorance as an excuse to give out DNA mutating injections and to insert chips into everyone that’s supposedly keeping you safer whilst tracking your movements.

Indo 1 months

And chaina still loathes him. He be their recurring nightmare. A question of why they did it n why they're still doing it.

Flash Reviews
Flash Reviews 1 months

Good for him, I’m not taking it and knowing his culture he probably didn’t take it too. Fake

Shono 1 months

I always knew that guy was a fraud

Everardo 1 months

Poor guy. Might end up going out like Lasorda, Larry King and Hank Aaron, it's ok though his gene therapy was going to save lives somehow.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 1 months

Isn't he all about reincarnation?

B 1 months

Why is his opinion at all relevant on this?

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