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Biden hails passage of $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill through the Senate

Biden hails passage of $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill through the Senate

President Joe Biden hailed the passage of the COVID relief bill, and described the same as a ’giant step’. Mr. Biden further said that the $1,400 stimulus checks will be sent out next week. The stimulus package did not attract any Republican votes as it was passed by the Senate. The bill has now been sent back to the House of Representatives, where it can still be blocked by far-left Democrats.

Garrett 1 months

Dems want to pat themselves on the back after breaking their promise to deliver $2,000 checks, raise the minimum wage, reunite migrant children with their parents, and tackle the epidemic of student loan debt in the US. Not to mention continuing military operations of the forever war instead of allocating funds to our crumbling infrastructure. They’ve done none of it and never planned on it. Despicable .

Got Truth
Got Truth 1 months

Between abortion funding and setting the stage for more war, I wonder how many lives will be lost due to this?

Aleks 1 months

Scott Hallinan, math has never been your strong suit. You missed class then... 600+1400= 2.000

Aleks 1 months

Conservatives: ballooning the deficit is great... when we do it... Take a leap and jump in your rathole .. then just stay there and let the rest of us dealing with adult things...

a commoner
a commoner 1 months

And just like obummer admin no compromise with the right. The dems are really good at screaming about partisanship. Yet I have seen more compromise by the right in the last 4 years than than ever done by the left.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 months

With a cypher like Biden as the figurehead leader, the federal government is circling the drain. 611 days until the mid-term election to partially fix this mess.

Dead 1 months

Biden and his band of criminals managed to steal all future elections and the demon rats couldn't be prouder. Time to buy ammo.

David Foxfire
David Foxfire 1 months

I'm going to use these checks to get into Crypto Mining because I doubt the Dollar isn't going to be worth much soon.

Glen 1 months

Relief and pork bill. BIDEN should be so proud.

Aleks 1 months

Botox Biden.... ah ah ah says the supporter of the orange man...

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 1 months

Hey Democrats tired of being lied too yet?

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 1 months

Hail Botox Biden!

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