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Policemen injured responding to unruly Colorado University party

Policemen injured responding to unruly Colorado University party

Unruly revelers in a street party at University of Colorado, near Boulder, hurled bricks and rocks at a group of policemen who were responding to tackle the crowd on Saturday. At least three officers sustained injuries in the melee. The crowd set off fireworks and caused significant property damage, including to a police vehicle and fire truck. Police have vowed to make arrests in the case.

David 1 months

Throwing bricks? They should be charged with battery of a police officer. Police are humans too, please stop dehumanizing your local law enforcement. This kind of violence is not ok and if you think it is, then you have your own self-righteous prejudice to work on

Patty 1 months

Kick them ALL out of school

Jacob 1 months

I went to CU Boulder. Why am I not suprised?

Robert 1 months

Throwing a brick is use of deadly force where I come from and should be responded to in kind.

Doug 1 months

Guessing Newsvoice won't post this Denver indy article

Caleb Sharp (Politicallyundead)
Caleb Sharp (Politicallyundead) 1 months

Graduated from CU last year. Guess I missed Imma do what we always do and blame the Californian students XD

Doug 1 months

Wondering if Newsvoice will post local news report

Doug 1 months

So sorry we're in the news due to imported students. So very stupid, un-Boulder; ashamed.

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 1 months

Sounds like a fun night.

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