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Filibusters could be made more ’painful’: Joe Manchin

Filibusters could be made more ’painful’: Joe Manchin

Senator Joe Manchin advocated making the procedural maneuver called the filibuster more ’painful’ to do. Members of the Democratic Party are concerned that the GOP might obstruct President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda, and have thus advocated eliminating the filibuster. Kate Bedingfield, the White House Communications Director said Mr. Biden, however, has not called for ending the filibuster.

Seekster 1 months

Ending the filibuster would cause more violence as leftists policies are rammed through on 51-50 votes to create radical, expensive, and destructive changes in society which many, if not most, Americans strongly oppose. Credit to Biden for not being a total partisan on this issue at least though he certainly hasn't been very bipartisan so far.

Aleks 1 months

Yes radical left policies like ensuring all Americans can vote, the end of gerrymandering, higher taxes for the super rich, universal healthcare, the freedom for workers to create unions, 15$/hour minimum wage , more investment in education so US kids can be on par with other countries, rebuilding the nation crumbling infrastructure... ... I see that’s all terrible for all you ru.ssian bots

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 1 months

And what happens when Republicans have control of the Senate? I can think of 2 Supreme Court Justices that made it on the Court with Republicans in control. I'm tired of all these Republicans saying very negative things about Democrats when it is the Democrats who are the only ones trying to help the American people. Not one Republican voted for Biden's relief package that is going to put money in many Republican pockets, but they still want to try and demonize the Democratic party because they believe in Trump who did nothing for them but tell them lies for 4 years. I'd be ashamed to be a Republican right now and if I had a Republican Senator I would be voting him out of office.

Seekster 1 months

While I oppose eliminating the filibuster I do like the idea of forcing those who use it to actually hold the floor and talk the entire time Mr. Smith style.

Aleks 1 months

Conservatives had no problem passing laws and appoint judges on party lines votes... ... give me a break

Exnihilo Adnihilum
Exnihilo Adnihilum 1 months

This will backfire on Dems just like when they got rid of the super majority for Justice approvals to ram their guys through then screamed about it when Republicans did it using the rules Democrats put in place.

Ryan 1 months

The filibuster is going nowhere. It, along with Manchin, is the perfect managed opposition which allows the Democrats to not pursue any actual worker-forward policy while being able to blame stuff other than themselves.

michael 1 months

I do think that if you want to filibuster, you should have to actually do it. Right now, since all a senator has to do is SIGNAL that they will, it means that EVERY POLICY VOTE has to be able to override a filibuster. The intent of the filibuster was NOT to require a 2/3 majority to get ANYTHING done.

Mark East
Mark East 1 months

Time to end this rediculas Jim Crow law

Jon 1 months

The filibuster needs to go. It was basically invented for southern slave owners to obstruct anti slavery, civil rights legislation. It's completely absent anywhere in the constitution. There is absolutely no constitutional or legal reason to keep the filibuster. In fact constitutional originalists should be condemning it shouldn't they?

Burger 1 months

Eff that. Filibuster needs to go, period.

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